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Companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry are facing plenty of challenges at the moment. No longer are risks confined to discrete areas and functions within their organisations. New technologies and constantly changing markets are reshaping the value chain, and the industry is constantly looking to review and maximise its output.

The traceability of used batches, more efficient operations, advanced plans and make-or-buy decisions are top priorities.

Companies that can quickly respond and adapt to trends and new customer demands are tomorrow’s champions, as they have better insight thanks to predictive data, improved business processes and smart marketing with a fully optimised supply chain.

Another success factor for the industry market leaders, is the smart collaboration between suppliers and their distribution partners, all with the same goal: providing optimal and flexible services for their end customers.

Technology and innovation is assisting chemical and pharmaceutical companies to grow into giants.

Read on to find out why you should consider using Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your organisation.

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Customer Story

AGC Chemicals Europe

We spoke to the AGC Chemicals CEO and Chairman, Hiroo Mori San, about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 has helped to transform the company and bring about change.

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AGC chemicals products

Some developments in chemicals & pharma

Robotisation, Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT)

Three developments that are on the rise. Where robots and 3D printers are increasingly being used, IoT is often still used to a limited extent to increase efficiency and reduce costs. But IoT is also a means of selling new, distinctive services to customers. In addition to communication between machines, machine and equipment builders also have to invest in sensors and software.

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Predicting the unpredictable

Fortunately, companies are collecting more and more data by setting up IoT projects. Among other things, weather conditions, weather forecasts, humidity and temperature. This data is stored in a central location, compared with each other and connections are made.

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Working smarter leads to better results

Technology, data analytics, robotisation and further digitisation offer great opportunities. Companies have to capitalise on those opportunities themselves. Employees, but also your partners and other companies in your chain, determine the success of your company. The winners of tomorrow are organisations and their employees who succeed in increasing their agility by working (together) in a smarter way both internally and with external parties.

Getting started with Data Management

Manufacturing Expert View - Compliance with DHC

We recently met with Stefan Staub, a Partner with DHC Consulting. DHC has been established for approximately 25 years, and specialises in working alongside pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical device manufacturing companies to help them obtain system validation and compliance.

The four most important raw materials in your organisation


Better production processes

It is important for companies in the manufacturing industry to keep the quality of their products as high as possible. For many companies, the quality of the final product is influenced by tens, if not hundreds of different factors.


Smarter logistics processes

The possibilities for further automation are getting smaller. The next step therefore lies in the smarter organisation of logistics. Predictive analysis can be made on the basis of the correct data.


Predictive Maintenance

Modern techniques allow manufacturers to service machines at the right time. Sensors allow remote viewing to determine in advance when a part needs to be replaced.


A 360 degree customer view

Data that is already present within a company can be used to create a 360 degree customer view. Bringing together data from CRM, ERP and other business applications, so that there is one view within your company about who your customer is and what they want.

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