Enabling Global Companies to Transform Faster

For over 25 years, HSO has supported global companies around the world to optimize their operations and grow their business. Are you looking for a truly global technology partner that understands the needs and complexities of global projects?

Are you ready for New Insights and Accelerated Business Growth?

As the world transforms at a pace we have never seen before, customer-centric engagements, and data driven performance insights are vital. HSO International enables global companies to take their business to another level by effectively deploying intelligent business applications, across your company, across the world.

Cloud technology. Have you unlocked Your Potential yet?

Today, we are surrounded by cloud technology. Sometimes visible, often not. At HSO International, we believe the cloud is a massive gamechanger. Yet, we also find that companies have difficulties getting their head around the concept and the seemingly endless possibilities. Designing your road to the cloud, as well as building and operating it, taking into account security, scalability, accessibility and costs is not something many people do day by day. We do, successfully.

Adapt to changing circumstances while retaining control.

Had anybody told you that you would be working from home for most of 2020, you had probably smiled politely. Yet, we found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, changing the world like never before. Are you able to empower your employees when they're not in the office?

Making Technology Work for Global Companies

For years, Microsoft and HSO have succesfully cooperated to bring innovative technology to global companies. Our partnership allows us to fully leverage the Microsoft stack, enrich it with industry-specific business applications deploy and operate those solutions to businesses across industries and geographies.

Don't mind getting your hands dirty while taking your career global?

At HSO International, we are proud to support global companies, wherever they are. Doing so requires the right skills, but even more importantly, the right mindset. Feel free to explore for yourself or contact us for more information.