Installed base management enables the representation of installed assets (like machines or equipment etc.) at your customer’s sites for which a service can be offered. This service could be anything from one-time billable work to a full-on service contract. An installed base record can be a simple one level structure like a fire extinguisher or a multilevel object structure like a complex machine with multiple separately serviceable parts.

An installed base record is also the central entity in a service organization that provides the full overview of all related information and (service) activities ever done like Work orders and attachments such as pictures or manufacturer documentation. The Customer asset can be something that has been sold by you, but other objects can be registered as well.

With Dynamics Advanced Field Service it is possible to define and register any and all assets that need to be serviced. This creates great opportunities for service organizations looking for ways to increase their service revenue. Creating the Customer assets is easy, it can be done automatically after delivering a sales order or manually via the Asset designer.

Customer Asset

Services are usually performed on the installed base of the customer, also known as the Customer Assets in Dynamics Advanced Field Service. As mentioned, these Customer Assets can vary from a simple single object to a complex installation consisting of many objects and components, all registered in a flexible multi-level ‘as maintained’ structure. The asset master file is the single source of information for all service related activities and information.

Customer Asset Hierarchy

Dynamics Advanced Field Service supports single level assets but also more complex multi-level customer assets. When complex assets are sold/serviced it is a huge benefit to see the relationship between the different components. Many different relations can be defined in the solution to assure that even the most complex relationships can be maintained. The tree structure is also available in other processes of Advanced Field Service like Contract Management and Case creation and is even visible for the engineer on his mobile device.

Customer Asset designer

There are multiple ways to create a customer asset record. One of them is via the Customer Asset Designer. With the designer new structures can be made manually based upon pre-defined setup from the Asset type. The designer can also be used to adjust existing assets in a controlled and structured way.

Customer Asset type

The asset type is used to make default setup available for all assets of a certain type.  Information such as number sequences, manufacturer, name and owner can be stored here, for easy setup of customer assets.

Customer Asset ownership information

A customer asset can have multiple customer accounts associated with it, which are used in different processes of service management. On the customer asset an Agreement account, Service account and Owner account can be utilized. It can also hold default information about the primary contact person.



Customer Asset warranty terms

When assets are sold to a customer, warranty can be made active for one or more of the objects. The Customer Asset will show if warranty is still applicable and Advanced Field Service will even automatically check the warranty terms during Work order creation, to determine if the service activity will be free of charge or billable.

Customer Asset properties

Additional asset specific properties can be determined on the Asset type. The setup is completely free, to ensure that any Asset specific information and value can be stored. Advanced Field Service also makes this information available during the service process.

Work order history

The entire service history is easily accessible from the Customer Asset. Information about both closed and open Work orders and Cases is shown here, with the full details just 1 click away.


Customer Asset attachment

Attachments can be stored on the Customer asset, which can contain valuable input for the service process. Documents like pictures, drawings, BOM`s, a spare parts list or a manufacturers manual can be associated with the asset and are easy to open.

Asset Data on Mobile Device

All installed base information is also available on the mobile device of the engineer. This to ensure that the engineer always has real-time detailed information available to him concerning the Customer asset, its properties, the work order history and any attachments.

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