As an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, our solution provides the most powerful and agile solution to enable profit-based service companies. Customer asset addresses, flexible asset properties, the asset designer, asset templates, asset warranty, agreement coverages, and improved work order actuals registration and extended case management integration are all out of the box available.

Dynamics Advanced Field Service version 2.1 is truly the most extended and solid solution available on AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

New: Customer Location

Completely new in version 2.1 of Dynamics Advanced Field Service 2.1 is Customer Location. With Customer Location, you are able to create multiple physical locations for the same account. A customer location is in a sense different than a customer asset. The customer asset is ‘what’ you service as a company and the customer location is ‘where’ the customer asset is serviced. Customer locations can be created in a multi-level structure using a designer and can be based on predefined groups and types such as locations in buildings, ground floors or any premises. Using customer locations, you are able to see in one click where customer assets are located, fully integrated within Accounts, Cases, Work Orders and Customer Assets.

Soon to come: SLA in Agreements

In the upcoming release of AFS we will be introducing SLA in Agreements. This will enable you to define agreement specific or even agreement customer asset specific SLA’s.

A good example of a use case would be if you would have customers with for example “Gold” SLA’s where, depending on the priority of a case, different times will be picked. In that situation, changing the priority of a case will update the SLA KPI fields in the case as well! Now that is some strong out of the box functionality!

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