HSO Innovation releases an updated version of the Dynamics Data Protection app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. The app, formerly known as Dynamics GDPR, keeps track of Data Protection tasks and adapt support for maintaining consents.

Nearly every company is processing and working with personal data on a regular basis. Hence it is critical for organizations to protect the privacy and personal data of their customers and to comply with Data Protection Regulations such as GDPR.

The new release of Dynamics Data Protection includes new functions and features:

  • Documents and reports are now processed with Power Automate and can be downloaded or emailed in Word or PDF format.
  • A Data Processing Activities report has been added. This report shows all relevant details of a Data Processing Activity.
  • We have introduced a new entity ‘Consent Level Substatus’ that allows you to categorize our default Consent Levels.
  • It is now possible to set the Consent Expiry Date for a Data Policy to ‘Optional’, which results in Data Consents without an expiry date.
  • For Data Policies and Data Processing Activities the Life Span in Months can be calculated based on new fields ‘Months’ and ‘Years’.
  • In the anonymization setting values we introduced two new Attribute Value Types, type ‘Lookup’ and type ‘Floating Point Number’.

With the introduction of the GDPR, the European Union introduced one of the toughest privacies and security law in the world. Though it was drafted and passed in Europe, it imposes obligations onto organizations anywhere, so long as they target or collect data related to people in the European Union. Dynamics Data Protection supports also acts like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and New York SHIELD Act (NYSA), hence we rebranded the solution name.

Our solution closes the functional gap between standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the processes needed to store and administrate your customer data in a way that enables your organization to become compliant.

To get an insight into these latest features and a general overview of the solution, please sign up for one of the webinars. During the webinar, we’ll also show our future roadmap that includes a Dynamics Data Masking app to provide you with functionality to anonymize and pseudonymize data in bulk.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,
The HSO Innovation Team