We live in a world where people have gotten used to premium quality services as delivered by companies like Amazon, Spotify, Uber, Netflix, and many more. The new experience of such services has completely transformed customer expectations and almost re-invented buying behavior. A reason why these organizations stand out is that they deliver more options, better value for the money and faster delivery. This new standard also reflects more than one type of business and this new standard will also influence the way people look at your field service organization.

The field service environment can be harsh, and we all know that it’s much easier and more costly to lose a customer than to gain one. The overall playground has changed, and customers are more willing to defect nowadays if experience did not match their expectations. This new world will also put increased pressure on field service organizations. The stakes are higher than ever before; don’t be the new Sears or Blockbuster and upgrade the way you deliver service to your customers!

This spotlight item will describe what it takes to deliver service that exceeds your customers’ expectations:

Have a 360-degrees Customer Insight

You can only serve your customers well if you have a full 360-degree customer overview. The world is bigger than just sales or field service, so it is important to map and know the entire customer journey. With Dynamics Advanced Field Service, a full 360-degree customer overview is readily available, assuring your entire organization has all the relevant information directly available on the Customer Account record!

Follow Up on Customer Requests

When a customer is reaching out to you, it is crucial to reply swiftly and thoroughly on any incoming inquiries. To assure a follow-up contact is guaranteed, it is possible to set up workflows and triggers in Dynamics Advanced Field Service. By using these tools, an action can be automatically allocated to the right person or team. When any inquiry stays open for too long, a notification will be automatically triggered and sent to the responsible person/team.

More Accurate Appointment Windows

Something you’ve probably experienced yourself; waiting around all day for a technician who finally shows up at 4:30 p.m. The appointment window was from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., so the technician was right on time, but the day still feels like a waste. Nowadays a 2- or 4-hour appointment window has become the industry standard. With Dynamics Advanced Field Service, you can not only provide smaller time frames; it even lets you register time preferences so you can have a work order planned in a specific time window. As many customers are probably willing to pay for such a particular service, this option can even open up a new world of extra services to sell, or it could become the real differentiator with your competition to deliver this as a standard free-of-charge service.

Pro-actively Deliver Information

In the B-2-B market, it is becoming more and more critical to provide performance information pro-actively. In a world where information is available anywhere, customers expect you to be transparent and to give access to essential data as well. Using data coming from Dynamics Advanced Field Service and Power BI, you can create easy to read visualizations, which can be key in exceeding your customer expectations.

Empower your Customer with Self-Service Portals

Today’s customers not only want insight into their data, but they also want it at any given moment in time. Customers also want to have the tools to start some processes themselves, like creating a case, a work order, or make a generic request. By using portal technology, delivered together with Dynamics Advanced Field Service, you can create an excellent portal experience for your customers.

Use Automated Planning and Scheduling

Graphical planning and scheduling tools offer a variety of options to make more efficient route plans. With these tools, route plans can even be easily updated to assure those last minutes changes are made. This technology makes it possible to offer services like same-day delivery and will ensure your process will become the beacon of operational excellence! The Dynamics Advanced Field Service scheduling board makes planning tasks on the available resources easy and clear, keeping all variables such as location, SLA, needed spare parts and skills in mind.

GPS Tracking and Mobile Apps

One of the few things you cannot buy with money is time, so treating the time of your customers with respect should be a top priority. By giving full insight in delivery and arrival times, you’ll prevent frustrated customers and closed doors. With embedded GPS tracking and tracing technology, you can provide your customers with accurate live ETA’s of your Field Service technicians. The mobile solution incorporated within Dynamics Advanced Field Service is combining mobility, route planning and GPS tracking. By using these new technologies, your workforce is connected with your system at all times, allowing you to make last minute changes, get updates and have real-time insight into the progress of the work.

Don’t Sell Products but Build a Relationship via Service Agreements

Real revenue is made long after the initial purchase of a product; the real value comes from the service agreement. Service agreements can be used to create a consistent revenue stream while making your customers happy, which leads to better customer loyalty. Dynamics Advanced Field Service will give your sales reps the tools to embed contract sales into their daily process to ensure it is embedded in your sales strategy.

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