Power BI allows users to easily create complex and multi-level reports, giving them the level of insight they need to do their daily work. 

Depot KPI analysis 

Having a clear view of the performance of your rental depot is critical in helping steer your organization. In Dynamics Rental Management, all transactions are stored in one database, opening up the opportunity to see a full financial performance. With the information coming out of Dynamics Rental Management, financial overviews can easily be made available on any, or even multiple levels. Clicking on a specific depot in an overview allows users to zoom into the different transactions to truly understand the local business and make a decision based upon the latest information.

Rental revenue overview 

By measuring the financial and operational utilization rate of assets with Dynamics Rental Management, you can determine if the right assets are allocated in the proper depots. You can also compare the actual performance of any individual asset or asset group against default values as determined by yourself in the setup. The utilization rate gives valuable information about how your assets are performing across depots or countries. By comparing the results, your fleet manager can decide the optimal mix of assets per depot to maximize rental revenue.

Asset utilization statistics

Of course, rental revenue and utilization rate are essential to analyze the revenue side of the process. However, it is equally important to also have full control over the cost side of the rental process. An important cost driver within rental industries is the service and maintenance costs of your rental fleet. Dynamics Rental Management is completely integrated with Dynamics Service Management to meet the service requirements within the rental industry. In Dynamics Rental Management, all the service and maintenance costs are allocated to the assets, which allows us to show the total cost per asset or asset groups. Rental companies are often managing a substantial fleet and want to do management by exception. By using Dynamics Rental Management and Microsoft Power BI it is possible to set up a threshold to quickly identify individual assets outside this threshold.

Asset service cost overview 

 Your employees will massively benefit from having real-time reports available at their fingertips. They will have access to all the relevant business information to make the right decisions daily. Information about budgets, revenue forecasts, asset information, resources, and asset availability gives them the information they need at the right time and in the proper user-friendly format.

By using Microsoft Power BI as your reporting tool for Dynamics Rental Management your employees can easily create business-specific reports within minutes, all by themselves.

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