Introducing Dynamics Mobile Maintenance Management

Operational excellence and efficiency is vital in large production facilities. To remain competitive you must accomplish more with less staff.

What you need is a mobile platform that enables you to optimize the operations of maintenance personnel by integrating mobile workforce automation.

Based on our experience with maintenance customers worldwide, we created a solution that meets our client’s ever-changing needs. With Dynamics Mobile Maintenance Management, your field workers can interact seamlessly with the systems and experts in the back office of your enterprise.

Key personnel in the office will always know where your mobile workers are and what they are doing, so you can prioritize the work. All relevant equipment information can be instantly viewed on a mobile device with direct access to maintenance equipment information and history.

Dynamics Mobile Maintenance Management is available for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 using Dynamics Maintenance Management.



Reduced costs

with enterprise mobility while enjoying a best-in-class performance


Rapid implementation & adaptation

because of the pre-configuration of business needs


Work order completion

per day increased


Quicker repair

of equipment than ever before and increased production efficiency

Increased Maintenance Efficiency

Dynamics Mobile Maintenance Management successfully closes the loop between maintenance workers, your maintenance partners and our Dynamics Maintenance Management solution. As a result, your maintenance workers have vital information available about severity, type of equipment, spare part availability and much more to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Integration, Execution & Registration

After completing the planning process in the back office and allocating the right resource to the job, the Maintenance tasks are sent to the mobile device of the maintenance engineer and will appear in his/her agenda. Mobile Maintenance works online, enabling maintenance engineers to complete their Maintenance tasks on a mobile device, directly in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Planning , Scheduling & 3rd Party Contracting

Balancing between priority and urgency is one of the biggest challenges for maintenance planners. Dynamics Maintenance Management can suggest a resource, based on the object (location management) and event code (skills management) settings you have entered into the system. Your planner first determines what kind of resources (type/group of employees, machines, and materials) are necessary for solving the maintenance request.

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