Introducing Dynamics Maintenance Management

We understand your need to streamline operations when facing increased competition and cost-cutting initiatives.

We mobilize your core business processes to give maintenance engineers and office-based employees real-time access to enterprise systems.

In the mobile-first and cloud-first world, mobility and especially maintenance engineer mobility is critical in today’s professional maintenance organizations.

Dynamics Mobile Field Maintenance successfully closes the loop between maintenance engineers, your equipment and Dynamics Maintenance Management. Dynamics Mobile Field Maintenance is a mobile solution that works online and offline, enabling enterprises to optimize the operations of maintenance personnel through a unique integration of Mobile Workforce Automation and a rich maintenance management solution. Your maintenance engineers can interact seamlessly with the system and experts in the back office of your enterprise.

This allows personnel, online or offline, to share critical information relating to orders, equipment and inventory. As a result, your field workers work on time with the right spare parts and information to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Dynamics Mobile Field Maintenance is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management using Dynamics Maintenance Management.



Work Orders

completed per day increased


Clock Time

idle and misspent minimized


Back-office costs



Paperless availability

of user manuals and safety instructions

Employee Satisfaction

The hybrid app supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone, so regardless of the user platform, the application looks and functions in the same way. This simplifies training and reduces complexity in a bring-your-own-device driven world. By using the latest technologies to ensure a responsive and adaptive application, our mobile field maintenance offering works on laptops, tablets and smartphones and adapts automatically based on the available real-estate and truly enabling paperless work.


By using Dynamics Maintenance Management as your back-office, you get a graphical scheduling overview for a clear and detailed insight into scheduled activities for your maintenance employees. Planners can work with all the necessary data, including real-time updates from mobile devices. Dynamics Maintenance Management can suggest a resource, based on the equipment (location management) and event code (skills management) settings you have entered into the system.

Mobile Integration

Dynamics Mobile Field Maintenance works online as well as offline. The solution enables maintenance engineers to complete their maintenance tasks regardless of network connectivity. After completing the planning process in the back office and allocating the right resource to the job, the maintenance tasks are sent to the mobile device of the maintenance engineer and will appear in their agenda.

Maintenance Work Flow

Maintenance tasks combine items, hours and work specification into one flow on the mobile device. The complete cycle of the maintenance task can be completed in one logical flow. When your maintenance engineer is assigned to do work, a maintenance task is created. The process starts with accepting the maintenance task and once arrived at the equipment location, the actual work can begin, and the consumed spare parts, questionnaires and spent hours can be allocated to the task.

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