Introducing Dynamics Maintenance Management

The ever-changing scenario of global competition and technological advancement poses significant challenges and pressure on the maintenance department.

For many maintenance departments in companies, the primary objective is to provide safe and secure continuous operation at highly demanding levels.

Challenges faced by the industry today include optimal productive condition; meeting legal and vendor warranty requirements for operation; limiting downtime and accessing equipment information in places where no PC access is available.

Dynamics Maintenance Management supports your organization by optimizing your plant’s preventative periodic maintenance and internal maintenance requests as well as repairs. At the same time, you have direct access to all the data you need regarding equipment, resources, and logistics.

  • Supports a multi-level equipment structure
  • Generates preventative and ad-hoc Work
  • Orders for plants and equipment
  • Supports tracking and tracing of maintenance and repair Work Orders
  • Provides full financial forecasting and cost evaluation
  • Real-time statistics on costs and revenues of plant equipment

Dynamics  Maintenance Management is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.



Managing and tracking

maintenance of equipment in the organization


Increased up-time

of equipment by timely maintenance


Preventive and ad hoc Work Orders

generation to service equipment


Better maintenance

and repair cost containment


Obtaining control

of installed equipment from an operational and financial perspective


Severity Matrix Questionnaire

to detect Work Order priorities

Short Term and Long Term Empowerment

• Full visibility on open ad hoc and preventive Work Orders
• Status of maintenance Work Orders and applicable deadlines
• Early notification of spare parts availability
• Support for preventive maintenance with flexible schedules
• Required resource availability versus available resource capacity
• Financial planning based on estimated maintenance

Equipment Management

Dynamics Maintenance Management provides a strong platform to help you control and manage the preventive and ad hoc services required for plants and equipment. It supports a wide range of functions and empowers your company to meet the challenges of growth while giving you insight into your business that you need to succeed in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Work Order Management

With Work Order management, Dynamics Maintenance Management provides accurate information about upcoming preventive maintenance as well as ad hoc maintenance. Dynamics Maintenance Management serves as a central point of information where your employees can keep relevant Work Order status updated. Having accurate information available lets you monitor and track the open Work Order in an effective and efficient way.

Preventative Maintenance

Planned and preventive maintenance Work Orders offer great flexibility in managing different types of maintenance activities. Dynamics Maintenance Management offers full flexibility in defining maintenance schedules for preventive maintenance. The actual generation of preventive Work Orders can be automated. Just like ad hoc Work Orders, preventive Work Orders will appear in the to-do list of the maintenance planner to be assigned to the technicians or engineers. Support for purchase contracts with third-party vendors is also possible.

Predictitive Maintenance with IoT

Dynamics Maintenance Management has proven to be valuable in helping companies to get better control over preventive maintenance whilst being able to register corrective maintenance. At the same time, the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices unlocks the potential of connecting virtually every maintenance equipment and start capturing data, without having to have an engineer inspecting the equipment. So rather than having to send out engineers to capture data, validate it and then decide on required maintenance activities, now you can let the equipment predict its own needs for maintenance and repairs.

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