Welcome back! It feels like our last newsletter was published ages ago. In reality, it was only 3 (very exciting) months back. July kicked off with the renewed and renamed edition of Microsoft Inspire in Washington D.C., previously known as the Worldwide Partner Conference. This rebranding better reflects how Microsoft and its partner community is inspiring each other to “innovate and deliver powerful new solutions to customers.” Making and selling good software (on subscription basis) is considered being Microsoft’s primary business model, I wrote about Microsoft’s second core business in my November 2013 blog which is organizing events and making money with that. Its third core business is rebranding everything.

Microsoft Inspire was very exciting for me, although for neutral folks it was a bit boring.

For me the highlights of this year’s Inspire were:

  • The announcement of the One Commercial Partner organization and the Co-sell investments (with the accompanying reorganization affecting not only the Microsoft Dynamics organization).
  • The ISV Cloud Embed Programme
  • The announcement of Microsoft 365, the new offering drawing the best across Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security and Azure stack improvements.
  • Microsoft being the first global cloud services provider to offer contractual commitments to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • The message on stage as well as behind and between the lines of placing partners back at the center of the estimated $4.5 trillion digital transformation opportunity.
  • The 1 day fly. Huh?

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