Introducing Azure Integration Services

Maintain systems with reliable service according to organizational and technical standards while identifying and eliminating security risks.

Profit from our digital transformation advice and strategies that enable your company towards an innovative future.

Is your company considering to use Microsoft Azure, but uncertain where or how to start the journey? Or have you started with Azure, but you are you encountering challenges? Our yearlong experience in developing solutions based on Azure technology integrated with the whole Microsoft stack of business applications will certainly point you to the right direction.

With many enterprise integration solutions running in production, we have been providing Azure Integration Services with Azure LogicApps, Service Bus and API Management since its inception in 2015 and have the track record to build enterprise-level integration solutions to meet the most demanding business needs. Accelerate your Azure Integration initiatives like many customers have done before with HSO Innovations Azure Integrations Services offering.



Flexibility and Scalaibility

delivering a agreat level of flexibility giving you the option to have functionality as required. On Azure you can pay as you consume, accommodating business fluctuations and, not worry about the infrastructure.


Keeping your Data Secure

All data on Azure is protected by the spy-movie environment and data centers have two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers, hand geometry biometric readers, global incident response team.



The data stored is in compliance with the regulations which is very much helpful especially for the legal or the finance sectors. It is entirely built around the security and privacy demands of businesses.


Agility and Automation

Azure is fast in terms of deployment, operation, and scalability. This gives a competitive advantage for the companies to adopt Azure. Being the most up to date cloud technology, your organization can benefit form cutting edge automation within you applications.


Big Data Insights

Our Azure Integration Services allow you to handle and analyze any amount of data at a time. We can allow you to visualize your data in new ways to help you uncover business insights to help you succeed. Options with Power Bi can be added easily as your demand for insights increases.


Cost Competitiveness

Azure works off a pay-as-you-go model, which reduces the upfront costs to businesses. With the ability to offer you hybrid applications, we allow you to leverage your on-premise resources and the benefits of the cloud without costly workarounds.

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