The past weeks I have been traveling a lot and attended interesting events with interesting speakers. I had the pleasure to attend Microsoft Envision in Orlando with numerous interesting speakers and attendees, like Beth Comstock, Satya Nadella and Michelle Obama. Michelle sat relaxed in an interview setting with Brad Smith, who I also mentioned in my last blog. It was a very nice interview, but there was hardly any connection to what brought us together: to learn and talk about connected devices, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and what that means to business.

In his keynote, Satya updated us on Microsoft’s initiatives on Quantum Computing. As a non-technical person, I got lost on the topic after a few minutes, but from what I understood, it is a very interesting and promising technology. Very intelligent people were saying very intelligent things on stage on Quantum Computing. Curious? Have a look at this video from minute 53:45. Wikipedia explains Quantum Computing in this article. I guess you all understand it now, don’t you? If not, in the below video it is explained in 2 minutes:

And for Dummies like me:

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