Chapitre 3

The answers to two important questions…

HSO’s experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service at service providers has given us unique insight into the most frequently asked questions regarding Field Service. We come across the following two questions most often.

1. How does using Field Service create more efficiency?

More efficient processes are achieved by using an Omni-Channel solution in which your customers are supported via self-service concepts, guided service or on-site service. This results in a cost-effective approach combined with an optimal customer experience. A trend originating from the customer’s perspective is the “uberisation” of people and services. This means that there is a continuous search for more efficient alternatives.

By using Machine Learning, planning can be optimized and problem analysis can be automated. Planning of people for projects are centrally transparent throughout a business unit or the entire organisation. This enables the planner to find the right person in the right place and to have real-time insight into their availability.

“We can monitor and manage all the phases of a contract much better. This has resulted in our customers enjoying services that are improved, more organized and quicker.”

Duncan Green Financial Director, Norland

2. How do I ensure that the right information goes into onemaster data management system?

When using the common data model in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you save all core information such as customer and product data in a central place and have access to this data in multiple applications within the 365 suite. Using an app, you can also query sources such as product catalogues as master data. Think of a catalogue from a manufacturer or a spare parts catalogue that can be linked to your equipment.