Car Service Company A.T.U. Goes Live With Dynamics AX

A.T.U. CLAIMS 6,500 USERS WORKING WITH MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX ON A DAILY BASIS. For obvious reasons, most drivers take advantage of the services deliveredATU shop small

by authorised repairers while their car is under manufacturer’s warranty. As soon as the car gets to a certain age, many drivers switch to independent repairmen, in order to cut costs. With 650 branches, A.T.U. is Europe’s largest car service company.

In contrast to the expensive original parts supplied by authorized repairers, A.T.U. sells high-quality OEM products that are 20 per cent cheaper on average. “We can deliver over 60,000 items, mostly spares and consumables, straight away. What’s more, our customers don’t need to wait for an appointment at the garage first,”

says Manfred Gerlach, director of A.T.U. emphasizing the service aspect. Its combination of specialist car equipment store and garage is what gives A.T.U. its competitive edge in Gerlach’s opinion. The size alone shows that he is right, since the number 2 on the market only achieves a tenth of A.T.U.’s turnover. “

There are currently no competitors who come close to matching this. Our major local competitors are the numerous independent garages,” states Gerlach. In his view, the market is currently stable but saturated. Improvements in the quality of parts and service and a tendency towards lower annual mileages would make “natural” growth difficult.

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