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Read our vision on Artificial Intelligence, find out what value-based AI looks like, and how we support our clients in realizing successful (Generative) AI applications.

1. Introduction

Our mission is to be the leading global provider of technology driven business solutions that improve the business performance and results of our clients.​

We are convinced that Artificial Intelligence will define our future. It will impact every industry, every process, every function and every employee, independent of the role. Hence every part of the digital transformation. In view of our mission, we define AI as the next transformative technology that we can leverage in relevant applications to improve our client’s productivity and ultimately their business results.

We empower every employee with Copilot & AI to be more productive and deliver better business results.

Combining technology leadership with deep industry knowledge

At the base of our AI knowledge and capabilities is our leading position in Microsoft Cloud technology and with over 30+ years delivering ERP and CRM Enterprise Solutions worldwide, we have built deep industry knowledge and understanding.

We acknowledge that the success of any AI or Copilot largely depends on the quality of the underlying data. With our strong Data & AI expertise we support customers, prepare and build their data platform and become ready to onboard their AI-journey.

With AI/Copilot applications becoming an integral part of the Microsoft Cloud, HSO is the designated, trusted advisor to help our clients leverage the opportunities of AI.

We use our technical know-how and in-depth industry expertise to develop relevant AI applications as an integral part of our client’s core business processes, enabling a significant increase in productivity.  

A note on the Microsoft vision on AI

Currently, Microsoft is widely recognized by analysts and investors as the leading player in the AI revolution.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella: “This next generation of AI will reshape every software category and every business, including our own. (...) Amid this transformation, our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more remains constant. As a company, we believe we can be the democratizing force for this new generation of technology and the opportunity it will help unlock for every country, community, and individual, while mitigating its risks.”

2. Productivity demand will drive AI adoption

A decline in workforce and productivity are contributing to a slowing down of global economic growth, as has been reported over the last decade. Hence productivity matters, being one of the main drivers of GDP and economic growth.

Economists and analysts recognize that the use of artificial intelligence (amongst other technologies) could help accelerate productivity growth. Therefore, AI will play a pivotal role for the business of our customers, and for HSO. With the expected and ongoing decline of our working population, AI will help us to get more out of each working hour and achieve more with less people.

The need for higher productivity will drive AI adoption at HSO and our clients. When people are scarce, growth can be realized by becoming more productive and efficient, with people creating more value in the same amount of time.

A note on productivity

McKinsey has done extensive research on the potential effects of Generative AI on productivity. In their research, McKinsey uses two different lenses, or perspectives:

  • AI use cases in organizations, defined as a targeted applications of Generative AI to a specific business challenge, resulting in one or more measurable outcomes, such as the increase in effectiveness of a business process.
  • The potential impact of Generative AI on specific jobs and occupations. Can Gen AI perform the same detailed work activities so it can replace these jobs or be part of this job?

The research shows that both perspectives can affect productivity across all work currently done by the global workforce.

3. Why is HSO your trusted partner for AI?

Why should our clients choose HSO for AI? As a business transformation partner, we are not an AI provider ‘only’. But that’s also what sets us apart.

The starting point of value-based AI is in our client’s business processes and applications. AI is being infused in almost all business applications, and that is exactly where our knowledge and experience lies. Plus, we know how to access, connect, and manage the underlying data and, when needed, we know how to integrate and connect other data sources and applications.

Our AI capabilities serve:

  1. Companies looking for a trusted advisor with expertise on how to build a modern data platform, for structured and unstructured data, that enables AI and ML solutions.
  2. Clients that already use Dynamics 365 and who want to start using the AI capabilities within the platform. Copilot is in many apps an out-of-the-box application, but to use it as a productivity accelerator, it requires data management and expertise, connections, training and adoption.
  3. Companies that are looking for a new ERP or CRM system. ‘AI-ERP’ and ‘AI-CRM’ are the new standard. Dynamics 365 is infused with AI capabilities, and we know how to implement and leverage these.

Customer stories

Value-based AI

5. Stay competitive in your industry

We help clients apply and adopt AI technologies to drive productivity throughout their business, resulting in for example: 

  • More and new revenues with the same resources (time, assets)
  • Same and new revenues with less resources (time, assets) 
  • Providing better results (EBITDA)
  • Providing measurable, strategic advantages 
  • Outperform the competition 

Many of our clients are not looking for an AI application, but for a solution that helps them address their challenges to stay competitive in their market. 

6. The importance of Change & Adoption for a positive ROI

Implementing successful AI applications requires a cultural shift in organizations. To accelerate productivity and efficiency, teams must understand and trust the tooling they work with.

Implementing AI and Copilot is not just a technical challenge, but also a human one. Change and adoption management is a crucial component of any AI project, as it helps to ensure that the users and stakeholders are engaged, informed, and empowered throughout the process. Which is an absolute prerequisite to realize a positive Return on Investment.

Our Prosci Certified Change & Adoption consultants apply the ADKAR Model: the proven methodology for managing individual and organizational change, used and recommended by Microsoft. Using this model from the start of any AI project, we help to assess the readiness and resistance of the users and stakeholders and to design targeted interventions to address their needs and concerns.

7. Responsible AI

With HSO’s 100% focus on Microsoft technology, our Data & AI platforms and applications are all built on the Microsoft Cloud. Like Microsoft, we at HSO believe that AI has the potential to empower every person and organization.

But with power comes responsibility. That's why we follow and support Microsoft’s commitment to developing and deploying AI in a responsible way, guided by their six ethical principles: fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability.

Two people shaking hands

8. How we deliver AI to our clients: a programmatic approach

As said above, we believe AI will have a profound impact on every industry, every process, every function and every employee. With AI being in the capillaries of the systems people work with every day, we believe that a successful implementation requires a holistic, programmatic approach.

The possibilities of AI might seem endless, and some companies might fear being late already. However, rather than responding to the fear of missing out, we believe in building a solid AI vision and roadmap, including an operational modern data platform, that is closely connected to our client’s business strategy and is an integral part of their transformation program.

With 30+ years of experience in running enterprise transformation programs, on a global scale, we deliver AI through the same methodology, guiding our customers and implementing new technology, successfully.

Our programs cover all critical steps of the AI journey, including strategy, data, governance, pilots, deployment, managed services and of course change and adoption. We support customers with AI in every industry, AI for all rooms of the house (for every part of the Microsoft Cloud) and AI for every role.

Get started

How to onboard on a successful AI journey 

When the opportunities of (Generative) AI seem endless, actually onboarding this journey can be challenging. HSO supports clients in every phase of their AI implementation, with specific tools and programs.

From Embedded AI and Copilots, to Composible AI and Build-your-own AI, HSO has the right scenario. We inspire, develop a strategy and program and collaborate with your teams to realize success! 

Get in touch with our Data & AI teams

Our Data & AI teams worldwide are ready to guide you all the way: from strategy, data and governance to use cases, pilots, deployment and managed services. Including critical change management programs.

We help you understand where you are in your AI journey and what is required to create value, optimize processes and eventually being able to leverage AI for innovation and market differentiation.

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