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Connected, compliant, and responsive business solutions for the Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences industry

The life sciences industry is one of the most complex in the world. These companies need a responsive IT infrastructure with the ability to control compliance costs. Improving business performance as you work to bring new products to market in a timely manner is critical. The explosion in the need for research, development, and regulatory compliance is driving the demand for a more flexible operating environment.

Nothing is more critical than access to real-time information on production processes and business operations. Life science companies depend on this data to make sound business decisions, maintain compliance, and run efficiently. Time-to-market and profitability pressures are intense. Many times, being the first company to market and patent a new product is a key indicator of potential success. Often these needs are balanced against demand for manufacturing existing products.

With regulated industry expertise, 24/7 support and secure, cloud-based solutions, HSO is your trusted business advisor for digital transformation leveraging the Microsoft platform. ​

Our compliant and effective business solutions help life science companies:​​

  • Drive growth readiness and operational efficiency ​
  • Achieve and maintain quality and regulatory compliance standards (cGMPs and CFRs)​
  • Improve supply chain resiliency​
  • Provide predictive and proactive service
  • Modernize their finance and accounting systems​
  • Improve decision-making and better manage data across the product lifecycle

Four top reasons digital infrastructure drives biopharma company value

Digital technologies are driving a massive transformation in the biopharma industry. They can help companies to innovate to develop products and services faster, engage better with consumers, and execute operations more effectively.

How biotech & pharma companies can emerge as winners in a fast-moving industry

In this Expert View we talk to Bill Burke, CEO of our Partner, Merit Solutions about what key challenges he is experiencing currently in the biopharma and life science industry.

Watch the Expert View series here

Webinar: Scaling for growth in the Life Science industry

How cloud technology can help you bring safe, compliant products to market... faster

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