Improving your customer experience and service with virtual & augmented reality

Visualizing, training and overseeing, new ways of interacting or virtually bringing people and worlds together: virtual & augmented reality offer a wealth of opportunities to improve your customer experience and service, as well as increase your efficiency and productivity. Imagine shops where you can virtually try on clothes, apps that let you virtually decorate your home or fit a closet, and remotely fixing malfunctions and predicting maintenance.

Technicians in the field can work smarter and more effectively thanks to tools for virtual collaboration and guided maintenance scenarios, ensuring expertise is always within reach. Diagnostic data can be read straight from a machine using a tablet. Written manuals and overlong instruction videos are replaced by real-time visual support with AR, tailored to the job.

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How to set up augmented or virtual reality in 6 steps


Outline what you want from augmented or virtual reality

Together, we determine which business process would benefit from AR / VR within your organization.



Clarify scope and timetables, as well as identify the necessary hardware and inventory involved.



Design the functional the technical design with a description of how the solution will work for your business processes.


Set-up data models and mockups

This step actually begins the development of the solution. Your data model is set up and illustrated though mock-ups.


3D visualization

After having designed and set your AR/VR solution, your scenario is visualized in 3D.


End-to-end operational scenario

We demonstrate how your AR/VR scenario will work within your business processes. Together, we improve how the solution works based on your feedback and we get to work!

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