Technology: The key to sustainable growth and success

The equipment rental business is profiting from the growing economy and construction output. As the rental market grows, rental companies face a number of challenges, such as lower margins. Many rental companies are also finding it increasingly difficult to find high-quality employees and as the demand for materials grows, supplier delivery times and construction company schedules can form obstacles. How can you stay in control of these challenges and remain ahead of the competition?

Rental companies have always looked to differentiate themselves with large product ranges, smart pricing and fast delivery times. However, leaders in the rental market stay ahead by using the Internet of Things (IoT) and excel at smart new services such as remote monitoring and usage of assets through a customer portal. Instead of renting based on contracts, more and more companies are using advanced analytics software to predict usage patterns which lets them able to bill based on actual use.

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Purpose-Built Solutions for Equipment Rental

Learn how HSO can help integrate your ideal, end-to-end connected rental service solution. With the power of HSO Innovation and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we cover all functions of asset management and servicing to help delight your customers and drive ROI.

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Solving major challenges in Equipment Rental

Provides greater business insight

Capture data from all points of your business in a fully integrated platform to give you visibility into every aspect of your operations. Having data at your fingertips better informs your decision making so you can operate with insight.

Enables you to operate with agility

Leaving behind paper processes and whiteboards to track your rental equipment slows your business down. Having a modern, cloud-based system helps you do more in less time, so you can focus on pursuing improved ways to serve your customers.

Allows you to exceed consumer expectations

Having the right tools in place to delight your rental customers is key. Keeping an accurate, digitally stored inventory available to your customers lets them choose the equipment they want at the moment they need it.

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Reduces time to return on investment

The right technological tools helps you spend less time and money on administrative tasks and increase revenue.


Accurate inventory across locations

Running your platform on the cloud enables you to scale your operations and maintain an accurate inventory in real time.


Equipment maintenance

Leverage IoT and predictive maintenance to set up alerts, so you are notified before a piece of equipment fails.


Mobile field service

Enable your field service workers to have access to equipment and customer information no matter where they are.

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