Priva develops and supplies products and services worldwide for sustainable, innovative climate control and process management. To realize the digital ambitions and growth, Priva opts for Microsoft Dynamics 365. They have opted for this scalable and flexible solution to support their business processes worldwide. The integration of the various Microsoft solutions ensures optimal synergy and information exchange.

Paul Ossewold, VP Digital Operations at Priva: “HSO supports us with the worldwide implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, from California to China and many places in between. With the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 we have been able to further develop our strategy: customer first, no compromise. ”

Ben Vroom, ICT manager at Priva: “Previously we worked with a large number of software packages, now we use a standard system that supports almost all of our primary business processes. From financial administration, purchasing and sales, to logistics, sales and service. We use almost all modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Priva Video

HSO | Priva Video Case Study

In this video, Paul Ossewold, VP Digital Operations and Stefan Tekelenburg, Corporate Center Manager explain how Priva has implemented its business strategy 'customer first, no compromise' with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and give some tips where organizations wanting a digital transformation to implement, to think about.

Thorough preparation

“If you want to avoid customization, it is important that you put this very clearly before you start implementing. That is why, together with HSO, we clearly used the ‘no customization unless’ philosophy in the preliminary phase. You may occasionally have strong discussions internally, but we see standard software as the only sustainable solution “, says Vroom.

Less distortions

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, many internal processes are much more efficient. Vroom explains this with an example: “We provide service to clients on the basis of contracts. Within our contract module we used to have a lot of customization. This often caused errors and disruptions in the internal process. Because we now use a standard module in Microsoft Dynamics AX for our contract management, the number of errors has gone down considerably! ”

Branch-specific functionality

Since the upgrade Priva also has new possibilities. For example, in order to support its more specific processes, including project management and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, part of the HSO Business Platform, the company creates the additional industry-specific software from HSO.

Vroom: “The HSO Business Plaform offers extensive support in the field of project management. The software establishes relationships between our various processes, so that we now have a better grip on our projects. We now have an overview of the complete course of a project and the resources used, including people, hours and materials. By following a project from the quotation phase already, we can determine afterwards whether it has been a profitable project.

Strong partnership

When Priva was in a decision process for a new ERP system in 2004, HSO came into the picture for the first time. Since then there has been a good partnership between the two companies. Vroom: “With IT projects, things do not always go smoothly. That is why we have also looked closely at the cultural fit.

In HSO we have found a partner who thinks along with us and does not just deliver a package. The no-nonsense culture of HSO in particular fits well with ours. Sometimes there is sometimes a hard word when things go less, but then we can always fall back on that strong partnership.

International growth

The innovative character of Priva ensures that the company is always in development. Also in the field of ICT. An ICT roadmap for the coming 3-5 years should provide insight into the needs of management and employees. An important aspect here is further international growth.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is already running in our offices in Belgium, England and Germany and with this platform we have the scalability to allow other countries to hook up relatively easily. We also want to do more with Microsoft SharePoint in the short term in order to optimize internal cooperation. ”

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