Effectiveness in technology. That is the slogan with which Hamer Installatietechniek profiles itself. Thanks to that same decisiveness, the installation company could silently go live with Microsoft Dynamics AX. “HSO advised an implementation in two phases. That was a good choice. Hammer installation technology is part of the Foja group, a family business with more than 350 employees, since 1995 under the management of General Manager and owner Fons Jans. The head office is located in Apeldoorn. In addition, the company has branches in Assen, Rosmalen and Zwijndrecht (Belgium).


With a passion for technology and decisive service, Hamer unburdens its customers by supplying innovative and sustainable technical products and solutions. Hamer is active as a true technical integrator in the petrol, automotive, industrial and utility sectors in the Benelux. In addition to the construction of high-quality and innovative technical installations, Hamer also provides complete turnkey projects in these sectors.

The Service & Maintenance department is active 24/7 and ensures that installations are optimally maintained and failures are kept to a minimum. Furthermore, Hamer establishes complete automotive and industrial workshops and virtually all workshop tools and equipment can be ordered directly online. Finally, Contrall coordinates project realization as an independent project agency within the Foja group, projects from design to completion.

“The processes that we had to automate were very versatile,” says financial director Rob Huis in ‘t Veld. “We realize projects, do service and maintenance, have a sales office and our own warehouse with purchasing and logistics processes. That makes demands on the functionality of the software that must support all these processes. ”

Starting point

More than 20 years it was an AS400 package that provided for automation. Pure customization, written specifically for Hammer Installatietechniek. The functionality did not leave much to be desired. It was mainly the maintainability and management costs that required attention. “It had become a patchwork of solutions.”

“A lot of data had to be entered several times. Customer data was in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, in the financial package and in the project administration. It was difficult to send projects based on figures. Only by comparing the pre-calculation with the actual costs on paper could we get a sense of progress. While it is precisely that management of returns that is so important, “says Huis in ‘t Veld.