To get Chrysal’s high-quality flower food to its customers, the company is highly dependent on its ERP system. Because a number of ERP systems within the organization were out of date, this moment was used to determine a new strategy.

An important starting point in this was the alignment of the way of working within all international branches. With the choice for Microsoft Dynamics Chrysal now enjoys the advantages of an unambiguous ERP solution with integration of the logistics flows between the branches. Chrysal has been supplying high-quality flower food and care products for more than 80 years to keep the quality of flowers and plants in optimal condition. The organization employs ten offices worldwide and employs 250 people.

Chrysal relies fully on the ERP system for the logistics and purchasing processes. Previously, all ten Chrysal international offices operated with their own standalone systems. However, some of these systems were outdated and, moreover, not every branch operated with the same software. Something that did not benefit efficiency and cooperation. As part of a strategic reorientation it was decided to realize one template solution, which can then be rolled out to the branches in the coming years. In that light, HSO offered the total solution with Microsoft Dynamics from the cloud.


  • To uniform and centralize processes worldwide
  • Efficiency cooperation 10 worldwide locations
  • Realization of a centralized ERP system