Family business Bredenoord, specialized in developing, building, selling and renting a wide range of power solutions, has chosen Microsoft Dynamics as an ERP system and implemented together with HSO. Bredenoord’s ambition to increase customer satisfaction and to develop, deliver, maintain and operate the most reliable, decentralized energy systems internationally required a new ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics offered the most benefits.

Due to all technical developments, the world is becoming smaller, but also more complex. Old custom applications can keep up with these fast developments, but not efficiently and quickly. These developments, such as Big Data and Internet of Things, have not gone unnoticed by Bredenoord. With the vision to develop the company internationally as a market leader in decentralized energy systems, it was decided to say goodbye to the old system.

New and strong foundation for the company

One of the main reasons for switching was that Bredenoord made the strategic choice to build a new and strong foundation for the company. A system that enables faster processing of information so that the right business decisions can be made ad hoc. With a strong system as a basis, the ambition for growth of the company can also be strengthened.

Bertil Wever - CFO, Bredenoord

Video Case Study

"Thanks to the real-time information and collaboration possibilities, Microsoft Dynamics fully supports the improvement of the customer relationship.Microsoft Dynamics supports Bredenoord to provide customers with energy security today and tomorrow and anywhere in the world."

Internet of Things (IoT) project runs

With the IoT pilot project that HSO is currently going through with Bredenoord, the advantages of linking various smart tools and devices are outlined with the help of Microsoft Azure. Bredenoord wants to find out with this project how, by linking the data, the company can offer even more value to its customers. This project follows an earlier step Bredenoord has made with the ESaver: a hybrid aggregate that can save 70 percent of the fuel and emissions with the same power supply. Here, the live delivery of information from the machine to the customer (Machine Learning) played a major role in the success. That is what the customer of today attaches value to and that Bredenoord fully supports.