What would it be like for your company if your customer service team were no longer confiscated by routine work? What if your employees were given more time to provide substantive and proactive advice?

A globally active biotech company has developed a user-friendly customer portal that gives customers the opportunity to find relevant and up-to-date product information themselves. The knife cuts both ways: customers experience a higher service level and the customer service team has more time for valuable service.

Our client supplies biobased ingredients worldwide and is market leader in many countries. Of course, they want to keep it that way and the company has solid growth ambitions. Therefore, a lot is invested in strengthening sales teams and increasing service levels and customer satisfaction. The company already used Microsoft Dynamics 365 and HSO recently developed a Customer Portal for them. The Project Manager Commercial Excellence of our client knows all the ins and outs of the project and likes to tell more about it.

Provide Complex Product Information efficiently

“We want to offer our customers ever better service. Especially in the field of all complex product information: how can we offer it to our customers in a more user-friendly way? For all products we supply technical information is stored, stored in, for example, product data sheets and safety sheets. This contains information about the ingredients, safe storage, shelf life, possible product risks and so on. Before customers can get started with our products, they first need to have this information. ”

“Previously, customers requested this information from our customer service staff. As a result, an always overflowing inbox. And a large part of the working day of my colleagues went to this. While this is actually too ‘easy’ work and we would rather use them to answer complex service questions. We therefore had the idea for a while that this should be possible in a better way. How could we make relevant information available to our customers in an easy and safe way? That is how the idea of ​​a kind of customer portal came about. ”

Plenty of opportunities for the future

The company is very satisfied with the project and the result. The Project Manager: “The cooperation with HSO went well. We are very satisfied with the functional result and HSO has also ensured that the portal is designed entirely in our own look & feel. We see the customer portal as a good basis, which in the future offers many more possibilities to increase service levels and customer satisfaction. This way I can imagine that certain customers can place their orders in the future. And that we give customers insight into the status of orders, deliveries and payments. With this we can offer even more added value. ”

Meet Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CRM)

Based on the sales audit, the following improvements were identified:


Redefine the work process

Connect the phases of the sales pipeline with the steps in the customer's buying cycle; sharpen the definition of what needs to be done in what steps and introduce clear and mandatory conditions for phase transitions.


Introduce Key Performance Indicators

Indicators for the Sales Funnel are important. Set realistic but ambitious targets for these KPIs and monitor and send on a regular basis to achieve the targets.


Introduce a Sales Heartbeat

Create 'rhythm and rigor' by discussing the status and progression of the sales pipeline as it is in the CRM at fixed times, through review of standard reports.


Simplify the CRM system

Allow account managers to enter only what is essential for the sales process. Encourage regular and active use through CRM reports and dashboards.