As technology transforms the world around us, new opportunities are changing the way public services are delivered, and the way individuals interact with different public sector organizations. This transformation can help agencies better engage their citizens, empower employees, optimize operations and transform their services in new and powerful ways.

At HSO, we believe the best way to keep pace with your constituent expectations is through transformational technology. With our industry-focused solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we’re enabling your state and local public sector organization to better serve citizens by connecting people, systems, and information resulting in more impactful outcomes. Our team offers an integrated, flexible, and trustworthy approach to meet your needs, allowing you to:

  • Better engage citizens
  • Optimize fiscal resources
  • Streamline systems and processes
  • Meet requirements for reporting and compliance
  • Improve transparency and accountability
  • Elevate service levels

With our Microsoft Dynamics 365 expertise, industry-specific IP, and 24/7 global managed services practice, we have the capability and experience to support your public sector project. Contact us today to learn how HSO is helping digitally transform public sector organizations with:


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HSO public sector customers using Dynamics 365 successfully


What can Dynamics 365 and HSO do for your public sector organization?

Ease your finance-related challenges with a public sector budgeting sector. Microsoft Dynamics is specially designed to help your government organization with budget preparation, delivering enhanced transparency and adhering to ever-changing regulatory compliance, Learn how to better serve your stakeholders by connecting your operations with MIcrosoft's ERP, Dynamics 365.

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