Save your project from failure

Large ERP & CRM implementations require vast amounts of trust and excellent relationships.  A new customer must believe that their partner will successfully implement their system to fully meet needs. Occasionally, a new customer will choose a partner that is not a good fit for them and this can lead to a failed or incomplete implementation.  If you recognize this issue, you are taking the first step to saving your project.    Some warning signs to look out for:  

  • Partner didn’t complete a full discovery 
  • Feeling that your Microsoft Partner doesn’t understand your business 
  • General perception of not being listened to as a customer 
  • Lack of strategic approach 
  • Missed deadlines & budget checkpoints 
  • Proposed ROI not materializing 
  • Standard features missing 

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Don't Throw Good Money After Bad

In a failing project or implementation, throwing good money after bad is not an option. HSO are proud to have many years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM & Dynamics 365 in a wide range of diverse industries.  This makes us a highly capable, reliable and trustworthy partner for Microsoft Dynamics customers.  Many of our existing customers come from implementations made by other partners. 

Prevent Surprises

Having a solid concept of what you want from an ERP or CRM helps prevent mid-project scope changes, and therefore unforeseen costs. We will work with you to realize what kind of technological processes work with your goals and requirements. We have a track record to provide the functionalities that are aligned with your business needs and stays within budget. 

Managed Services

Your system only works as well as your employees use them. With Managed Services, we provide comprehensive training to help your workers get the most out of your new system. In addition to out of the book Microsoft training, we can provide more than the basics and educate your staff on how to use customizations and specialized functions in your systems. 

Industries that benefit from Project Recovery Services



Whether it's an Internet of Things deployment, migrating from a legacy system, or any other form of digital transformation, you only realize ROI if your implementation is successful.


Energy, Oil & Gas

Moving from paper-based processes onto a digitized system saves on overhead costs. Make the most out of your new system by preventing a failed project.


Field Service

Get it done right the first time when you're deploying your Connected Field Service management software. Take advantage of Mobile Field Service, Advanced Field Service, other Field Service functions.


Rental Management

Once implementation is underway, you may realize that what you signed up for is not you need. Save your project and make sure you get the software the delights your customers.

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