You may be aware that Microsoft has acquired the rights to Dynaway’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution, making a range of maintenance and asset management capabilities available out of the box for Dynamics 365.

As a result, HSO Innovation will be divesting in efforts in developing and deploying our Dynamics Maintenance Management Solution, Mobile Maintenance Management Solution and Mobile Field Maintenance Solution, which are our own EAM modules. However, existing clients who are already using HSO Innovation maintenance modules can still expect support to keep their HSO maintenance modules at peak performance.

The new set of EAM natively available capabilities in Dynamics 365 is now called Microsoft Dynamics Asset Management. With these new features, clients can manage all tasks relating to the entire enterprise asset life cycle including:
• Setting up and managing Functional locations and Maintenance Assets
• Request and Work Order management
• Work order planning/scheduling
• Cost control
• Preventive, Predictive and Breakdown maintenance
• Tracking and managing maintenance costs
• Managing consumable and spares
• Analytics and reporting
• Mobile client for maintenance workers

The functions listed above helps customers optimize the lifespan of assets and reduce costs and production downtime. Microsoft Dynamics Asset Management works seamlessly with other functional areas of Dynamics 365, such as Finance & Operations and Field Service. It fully utilizes the Power Platform and Azure. Adding Asset Management capabilities to Dynamics brings together Machine Learning, IoT, Power Apps, Power BI for an AI-enhanced transformative EAM solution.

For more information on Dynamics Asset Management features in the next Dynamics 365 release, stay tuned for the October 2019 Release Notes for Dynamics 365.
As a global company, HSO has 25+ years of system integration experience and HSO Innovation has 15+ years of developing strategic and differentiating Dynamics apps. Contact us to get help with moving to cutting edge technology, including updated out of the box EAM functions, in Dynamics 365.