Are your projects delivered on time and within budget? Meet Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Services

With the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, you can monitor current progress of projects and proactively anticipate under-and-over utilization. You can also digitally process employee hours and customer invoices more efficiently.   This cloud-based solution enables your employees to work from anywhere and everywhere because they always have access to the right project information. In addition, your employees become smarter and more efficient by collaborating online through the already designed processes within the app. 

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What Microsoft Dynamics 365 can bring you?

  • Streamlining resource management 
  • Increasing team productivity 
  • Providing better service engagement
  • Time to market 
  • Forecasting project profitability 

  • Creating profitable customer relationships 
  • Delivering timely and distinctive services 
  • Adapting to market demands 
  • Prioritizing resource investments 
  • Ensuring long-term growth 
  • Developing repeatable processes to ensure projects are delivered consistently 

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