MIcrosoft Power Platform: the user-friendly low code / no code platform

If you want the ability for organizational agility, innovation and quickly respond to market demands, you don’t always want to be dependent on the IT department for business apps and reporting. Thanks to the Power Platform, business owners can work with apps, workflows, reports and chatbots themselves.

The Power Platform fills the gap we often see between standard applications and expensive and time-consuming customizations that were developed in the past. Using the Power Platform, citizen developers (end users with relatively little technical knowledge) can build apps, analyze data and easily automate processes themselves.

The Power Platform is eminently suitable for digitizing paper processes, but also for replacing, for example, error-prone Excel sheets that circulate in many organizations. All data comes together in one database, so everyone has access to the same information at all times. The Power Platform is based on Data Connectors, AI Builder and Common Data Service.
Power Platform Overview HSO

The Power Platform consists of:

Power BI
Microsoft Power BI combines extensive analysis functions with a user-friendly interface. With Power BI you can analyze and visualize business data. Power BI connects seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Dynamics 365 applications.

Power Apps
Power Apps is an application that allows you to easily develop your own apps to automate tasks and processes. Applications in Power Apps are low code, so (almost) anyone can use them. More about the types of Power Apps and possibilities can be found here.

Power Automate
With Power Automate you can automate tasks, even if you are not a programmer. With Power Automate you can easily connect triggers and actions (if/then) over different systems, from Office to for example Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Virtual Agents
Build your own chatbots? That is possible with Virtual Agents, which you can then also connect to Power Automate. Think of a chat with a customer with whom you automatically schedule a maintenance appointment. Via Power Automate, the appointment will appear in the mechanic’s agenda and the customer will receive a confirmation email.

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The benefis of Microsoft Power Platform:

  • No specialised IT knowledge required
  • Trusted, intuitive technology
  • All data together in one database, thanks to the underlying Common Data Service