IT Services: be proactive for your customers

IT services are benefiting from the growing economy and the digital transformation taking place in various industries. IT is becoming increasingly important within business processes, and customers are willing to invest more. However, offering complete solutions is fast becoming vital, as Installation and support alone no longer suffice. Customers expect a proactive attitude from IT suppliers with data analysis, algorithms and sensors playing a key role. It’s all about scaling up the volume, particularly for the distribution of hardware and IT supplies.

This makes digitized processes essential, for example IT distributors use procurement cataloges and must be in control of their margins and long-tail product range. Meanwhile, IT service providers’ most important KPIs include occupancy rates, project progress and accurate billing. New laws and legislation, such as GDPR and matters concerning privacy and security, pose a business risk for many companies. But for IT service providers they create new opportunities to spark conversations about cloud technology or machine learning.

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