Data is the key to optimized processes

Traditionally, industry equipment wholesalers have differentiated themselves with large product ranges and fast delivery times. However, machine manufacturers and other manufacturing companies are increasingly looking for partners with a more proactive approach. This is creating more hybrid business models, with wholesalers and manufacturers collaborating closely. Trading companies are developing into system integrators, service providers or e-commerce specialists. Logistics is outsourced, and you can use Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to view each other’s inventory like true partners

We’re also seeing more and more wholesalers who want to differentiate themselves with a customer intimacy strategy. In such cases, expertise and services play an increasingly important role in how these suppliers continue to make a difference. The part new technology plays in this is growing. Market leaders use IoT and smart machine learning algorithms to develop new maintenance and management services. Digitization lets you be flexible and take real-time decisions to optimize your business management and achieve your strategic goals every day.

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