Combine the physical and digital world with the Microsoft HoloLens

The HoloLens, Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, places a virtual layer over your world. This means that the user isn’t completely removed from their surroundings.

The Microsoft HoloLens partially bridges the gap between the digital and analogue worlds by making it possible to view digital 3D models in real spaces. The digital models are displayed to the user as realistically as possible and it responds to gestures, voice commands and eye movements.

The Microsoft HoloLens applications are based on:

Working together

Efficiently pinpoint and fix problems by using heads-up, hands-free video calls and sharing images and annotations via mixed reality.

Bringing your ideas to life

Create holograms to refine a design, share concepts and understand your ideas in the real world.

Exploring places and ideas

View holograms from your colleague’s perspective, even if you’re on the other side of the world. Discover ideas in the real world, inside and out.

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Use HoloLens for collaboration and problem solving

With HoloLens, even though you might be a world apart, your team can solve problems together in real time. By bringing digital content and connecting people across devices, you can get the help you need to solve difficult problems faster.

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Collaborate with shared perspective

It’s easier to show than to tell. Collaborate remotely with, hands-free video calling, sharing images of your environment to pinpoint and solve problems efficiently. See holograms from your colleague’s perspective even if she’s on the other side of the world.


Create what you imagine

Create designs in the context of your environment and generate detailed holographic models to see the concrete end result of your products.  Shape holographic images to fine‑tune a design, share ideas, and understand your creations in relation to the real world.


Create things faster when you see your work right before your eyes

Experience designs in real-world context when you interact with holograms in physical space. Bring designs from concept to completion with confidence and speed.

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