Whether you want to improve customer satisfaction, innovate faster or become the best employer in your industry, modern technology can help you achieve your goals, but many companies discover that their current IT landscape isn’t flexible enough to adopt this game-changing technology. Simple upgrades are no longer enough to optimize your systems.

If you want to modernize and build a flexible, manageable and future-proof IT landscape, you need an integral vision for your future software and systems. Our enterprise architects can help you make this a reality.  An enterprise architect works with you to look at the bigger picture.

We research your digital strategy, how to put it into practice, and your data and integration challenges. We use a clear information plan to help you formulate your ambitions, goals and priorities.

Enterprise architecture facilitates an optimal transition to the cloud with the right implementation methodology and set-up. We are happy to provide more help in this area.

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Cloud Foundation Assessment

Is your foundation ready for the cloud?

Before you build a house, you have to lay a strong foundation. Think of plumbing, electricity, lighting, Wi-Fi, switches... If you don’t take care of these basics, you run the risk of having to break open floors to fix things later on. You also need a solid base when switching to the cloud. We call this the Cloud Foundation. In HSO’s Cloud Foundation Assessment, we explore the most important domains relating to functionality, technology and security in a single day. Interested? Get in touch.

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