Build stronger relationships with your customers

Operational excellence is no longer enough to differentiate yourself from the competition, your customers expect nothing less. Now it’s all about customer intimacy: knowing your customers and building relevant, long-term relationships.

Customer intimacy begins before someone even becomes a customer, think of social selling or marketing automation: engaging potential customers with relevant information before the buying decision is made.

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Use data to create greater customer intimacy

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales provides a 360 degree view of your customer, making it easy for you to stay on top of their needs. The cloud-based application helps boost turnover by using built-in intelligence and predefined business processes, such as a sales process with clear steps and tasks.

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Tech trends in customer intimacy


Social selling brings customers to you

'Social selling' connects your prospects to you. Social media can expand your network, enabling you to share valuable information with your connections at the right time.


Better serve your customers with data analytics

Translate data into concrete insights to make applicable recommendations to your customers. Learn more about your customers with comprehensive data.


Marketing automation

Your first touchpoints, with your potential customers occurs at the beginning of their buyer journey. How do you ensure that you stay in touch with them during the orientation phase and the decision-making process?


Mobility is key

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets where more people make purchases. You need the ability to adapt your customer experience to suit your customers where ever they are.

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