Competence Centers backed up by skills, expertise and attention to customer service

We have specialized expertise in manufacturing, oil & gas, supply chain management, retail,  distribution and field service. We help your business with technology for data analysis, business applications, ERP implementation and maintenance and other mechanisms for digital transformation. We provide specialists such as project managers, solution architects, developers, deliveries and customer success teams. 

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Your outdated, archaic technology systems is the source of lost revenue and higher than necessary operational costs. Integrated data systems with an enterprise resource planning tool (ERP) or customer relationship management system (CRM)migrating applications into the clouddata analytics with Power BI, enterprise mobility management and project/portfolio management can save you significant overhead in the long run. 

Supports you to become the leader in your industry

When employees are saddled with systems that are less than robust, or when employees deal with unwieldy spreadsheets that download, reformat and upload, not only do you lose time, but you lose moneyRegardless of your needs and your industry, our expert teams have the competencies to help you customize a system that works with your business processes, not against them. 

We supplement your team

Your IT teams are experts in your business. Our centers of competencies helps your team supplement their expertise with technologies that may fall outside your IT department’s everyday responsibilities. We work with your teams to migrate to Microsoft’s solutions that meet the needs of not only your IT staff, but your whole company.

Industries that benefit from competency center support



Our expertise in improving your digital infrastructure helps improve manufacturing KPIs to help you boost efficiency and your bottom line.


Field Service

Our competencies help connect your field service operations for improved first time fix rates and happier customers that come back to your company again and again.


Energy, Oil & Gas

HSO's competency centers solve the challenges that come from the complex business landscape and processes that your company faces.



Streamline your customer experience and improve your employee productivity by leveraging our digital solutions built on our deep expertise in the rental industry.

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