Rental companies play a crucial role in nearly all supply chains. To be successful, they need to respond promptly and accurately to customer needs, optimizing their rental processes and decreasing operational costs.

In this post, we’ll show you how to maximize mobility, operations and revenue in your rental business using Dynamics Software rental management solutions.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics Software solutions make key-rental functionality available on most mobile devices. Your rental staff will be equipped to perform the following key tasks while on-the-go to maximize their efficiency and optimize your rental processes.

Automatic Service Task creation

Rental Management can automatically create service tasks to indicate that work needs to be performed, including:

  • Purchase orders – A service task is created after posting the product receipt to assure an optimum quality of the Rental Fleet.
  • Pre-Rental – A service task is created after updating the picking list or posting the packing slip (based upon setup) to assure the Rental Equipment meets the requirements of the customer.
  • Post-Rental – A service task is created after performing a check-in note, terminating the Rental order (based upon setup) to gather all the post-rental information such as meter values, report damages, take pictures etc.
  • Stock to Rental Asset – A service task is created when a stock to rental asset journal is posted to ensure optimum quality of the Rental Fleet.

After completing the planning process in the back office and allocating the right resource to the job, the appropriate service tasks are then sent to the mobile device of the service engineer and will appear in their to do list.

Mobile Field Service Capability

Built on Dynamics 365, Dynamics Software’s Mobile Field Service Solution allows your rental information to be accessed on any mobile device. The solution will automatically re-size to the resolution of the used device, and has on and offline capabilities that allow the user to work in any circumstance.

Once a Rental employee logs in to his or her mobile device, an overview will be shown of the activities that need to be performed that day. All the registered information on the mobile device will be stored in Dynamics 365 or AX. Hours and items will be visible on the Service task line, while pictures and signatures will be stored as attachments to the service task. The mobile solution ensures a two-way communication between the user’s mobile platform and your Dynamics Software solution so that information can be accessed at any time.

With Dynamics Software, your rental and service team members can:

  • Register items and hours on their mobile device and synchronize them to Rental Management
  • Add pictures or notes to work orders and synchronize them in real-time to Rental Management
  • Add notes to the service task
  • Add a digital signature to the Service task (this signature will also be saved in Rental Management as an attachment of the Service task)

All of this information will be available will be available immediately and on demand in your Dynamics 365 or AX solution, avoiding the need for service engineers to enter data manual in the system.

The mobility of your equipment solution can aid greatly in optimizing rental processes and decreasing operational costs. Ultimately though, the greatest source of profit comes from deepening the relationship between your customers and your business by building trust through visibility and proactive engagement. That can mean alerting a customer to a delay, identifying a new rental opportunity based on a service visit, or recommending a new product to a returning customer. The infrastructure that supports better customer engagement also helps build a 360-degree view of customers, including their product performance, engagement history, and service records. With better visibility and internal collaboration, decision makers and service reps alike gain the ability to understand what is happening, why, and how to address it as a team.

Connect each part of your rental business with HSO and Dynamics Software

Siloed and inefficient service management adds overhead and prevents your business from being agile. Fast, cloud-delivered, and analytics-supported project and service management is necessary to position rental businesses for success. Through the power of Dynamics Software and Microsoft Dynamics 365, HSO can deliver powerful, role-based, cross-channel scenarios seamlessly through a modern, unified technology offering. Our solutions end the artificial separation of front and back office, providing a single unified service delivery, rental, and maintenance management platform.

Backed by the most flexible and largest enterprise cloud, your business will have the capability to seamlessly scale and manage even the most complex services or projects. Extending the investment is easy with a common data service to assist integration, and additional capabilities or business applications can be optimized or deployed, using PowerApps from within Dynamics 365, to digitally improve manual or paper processes. No other company provides you with powerful capabilities of Microsoft and an interconnected set of technology like HSO, natively integrating your productivity and office tools into your combined CRM and ERP systems.

Learn more about our enterprise solutions and see how we’re helping rental businesses like yours achieve their growth and revenue goals.