In today’s competitive market, it is more important than ever to stay focused on customer satisfaction. Your equipment rental organization should always remember that customer perception of your service is reality. What’s more, it is easier to keep a current customer happy than to attract a new one. With these two things in mind, it’s imperative that service and rental companies focus on an amazing customer experience. This will not only result in your customer buying more, their positive experience is likely going to be relayed to someone else (thus, attracting new customers in the process).

So how does a service company give an “amazing experience”? There are two key ways:

  1. Give the customer all the information they want at the right time in the right place.
  2. Make the service process for a customer as quick and as easy as possible.

Customer Satisfaction in the Equipment Rental Industry

Equipment focused companies are increasingly investing in information technology to streamline and control their processes and deliver a better, faster service to customers.

To give customers all the information they are looking for, it is important to share information about your product or fleet availability at the time they are making the request. It is equally important to have an order entry process that is quick, efficient and reliable. The new release of Dynamics Software Rental Management has new enhanced features which help provide that amazing experience. First, we have improved our ability to see equipment availability. Second, we have added a quick order entry feature that is available directly from the Graphical Planning board. Let’s take a look at these capabilities in more detail.

Graphical Planning

The Graphical Planning functionality allows the user to easily create an availability overview. Users can simply filter on rental equipment attributes like: make, category, on and off-rent date/time, warehouse, options, accessories, etc. After applying the filters, the Graphical Planning Board will show the equipment that meets the applied filter and will also tell the user if the equipment is available or not (figure 1).

Graphical Planning Board

Figure 1 – Graphical Planning Board availability filters.

The Graphical Planning Board can also display the availability from multiple warehouses, this increases the likelihood of being able to rent the required equipment (figure 2).

Graphical Planning board availability by location

Figure 2 – Availability by location.

Quick Order Entry

In the new release of Dynamics Software Rental Management, we have also introduced Quick Order Entry as a new feature to the Graphical Planning Board. This new feature will enable you to quickly create a new rental order directly from the Planning Board. You can easily apply filters to search for equipment, select the applicable equipment and directly create the rental order. This way of working will reduce the number of steps to create a rental order which will enhance the customer experience (figure 3).

Graphical planning board creating a rental order

Figure 3 – Select the applicable equipment and directly create the rental order.

Availability check online level

Dynamics Software Rental Management additionally offers the ability to perform availability checks during the creation of a Rental Order or a Rental Quotations. The user has two options to do this (figure 4):

  1. Check availability for a line or all lines – For each line, the system displays if the equipment is available or not.
  2. Availability planning – The Graphical Availability Planner will open pre-filtered on the items which were entered on the rental/quotation line. The user then has the option to add a specific equipment to the rental order/quotation.

The Ultimate Goal: Customer Satisfaction

As you can see, by giving the customer all the information they are looking for at the right time in the right place, their over all satisfaction and customer experience will be exceptional.

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