Where is technology driving the biggest impact this year?

For many companies, today’s technology-driven changes offer a host of new opportunities. Not only opportunities in the way we interact with customers and suppliers, but also opportunities to introduce new business models and adapt to continuously changing environments.Whether it be improving the sales team’s performance by using new technology, adopting predictive marketing (machine learning), implementing an omnichannel strategy or streamlining customer processes across the value chain, planning for your organization’s digital future is a must for 2017.


With the recent introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365, digital transformation is becoming a reality for many SMBs. The rise of role-based cloud applications have lowered the barrier to entry for many organizations to advance their technology and improve operations.

There’s no doubt that the four megatrends of technology – cloud, mobile, social, and big data – are clearly transforming the way we do business.

According to a recent report by Harvard Business Review:

  • Mobile is enabling new business scenarios
  • Cloud computing is driving business agility
  • Big Data is helping companies innovate
  • Social channels are transforming core business processes

In the report, The Digital Transformation of Business, you’ll see how business leaders are using these technologies and where they are delivering the biggest impact. And here’s a hint – it’s not just the business that is benefitting.


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