If rental companies want to remain competitive they can no longer just rely on their “old fashioned” internally oriented ERP systems.  Today’s tech-savvy customer demands access to information without hassle. The way to do that is with an effective and user friendly rental management portal.

A web portal provides a single-point-of-entry for customers giving them real time information about Assets, Rental Quotes and Orders, Documentation, Invoice information and and Service Maintenance.

A web portal can be used to eliminate customer’s frustration since information is available 24/7. On-demand access reduces duplication of effort by sharing documents and information efficiently. A web portal doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborate to provide critical information to customers and or vendors.

Optimize your customer’s digital experience across multiple channels and share all the information they need with Dynamics Software Portals

Dynamics Software Portals provides on-the-go access to real time information about the rental process. Portal information is not only limited to display information from Rental Management, but can also show data coming from the CRM area or SharePoint.

The Dynamics Portal makes it extremely easy for customers to check information, download documents, see actual statuses and even create Service Requests directly from the Portal. Through the Portal your customers can see an overview of Rental Contracts, Rental Quotes and Deliveries from the start all the way to invoicing. Your customer can also view historical and current PDF documents such as Contracts, Invoices, User Manuals, Calibration reports and Maintenance reports.

This blog posts outlines a sample of the functionalities that HSO can provide with our partner, Dynamics Software.

The Dynamics Software Portal Functionality

Permission Control

Since the customer login is controlled by Azure Active Directory Authentication, it is possible to control the kind of information each customer can see. When a Customer logs in to the Portal, information about his Rental Objects, Rental Quotations and Rental Orders are available (figure 1).

Customer History

The Rental Object page shows all the objects the customer is renting from you. When clicking on a Rental Object the history of the object is visible, allowing customers to see the Serial Number (if applicable) and the Rental Order History.

The Rental Quotation shows all the open Rental Quotations for the customer. When clicking on a Quotation more detailed information will be displayed, such as Quote number, on and off-rent date/time, Quotation status, Quotation line, Pricing, Quantity, Ship from site/warehouse.


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History of Rental Orders

The Rental Orders overview page displays a list with all the Rental Orders. This view gives you the ability to quickly scan through the different orders, check the status and the rental date/time.

Share Invoice Information

The Portal can also be used to share information about invoices. This functionality is not limited to Rental or Service invoices, also Sales Order and Free Text Invoices can be made available. Besides information about the invoice, the customer is also able to download a digital copy of the invoice.

Equipment Servicing

Every rental company also needs to service its equipment. However, despite robust maintenance procedures, equipment can breakdown at the customer site. A list with all the Rented objects is available using powerful search feature in order to locate the object quickly.

When clicking on the right object, all detailed information about the Equipment is displayed like Object History, Warranty information, status, current location etc. Besides this object information is it also possible to access documentation which is linked in Dynamics Software Rental Management. Documents like User Manuals, Safety and Health Documentation and Calibration to give all the needed information when equipment breaks down.

Via the Portal it is also possible to generate a Service Call. If the equipment is not working as expected, the customer can create a Service call (service request) themselves without having to contact you first (which saves a lot of time).

In conclusion, the Dynamics Software Portal allows customers to access data anytime and anywhere on any device. The Portal interface is such that information is optimally displayed on any device. The Portal lay-out is customizable to assure it follows your company branding. The Portal can be used for all kinds of scenarios where customers, business partners and/or field employees need access to customer and/or asset related information from Microsoft Dynamics.

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