Data is gold. It is the currency which propels businesses into the future. Data drives decision making so that your business model is not left behind in the archaic, paper-based past. But mountains of data are useless, if there is no easy way to create powerful visual reporting. Power BI offers a more graphical way to communicate your data findings without having to deal with cumbersome Excel spreadsheets.

Our team at HSO realize the power of data and reporting. We acknowledge that while Power BI is easy to use, if you’re not used to it, there can be some features that you miss out on. When HSO starts a business relationship with your company, it’s more than a business-client relationship – it’s a partnership. With HSO’s Global Managed Services, we can help you get more out of your Power BI experience and visual data reporting anytime you reach out to us.

To get you started in getting to know PowerBI, this blog introduces how powerful visual reporting with Power BI benefits your team and initiatives.

Gain high level to granular visibility into every aspect of your business

Once data is loaded, you can easily create reports to see what is going on in every aspect of your business, from operations, to customer service, to financials. When you create reports, you can hover your mouse to delve deeper into more granular insight into your datasets. This easy to use feature makes analysis simple and modern.

Better communicate visual data to your teammates and management

Reporting in visuals, rather than numbers, makes it easier for you to report to people within and outside your departments. Track changes year over year with Waterfall reports, which visually measure the changes year over year. Relying on visual data storytelling, rather than rows and columns of digits, better effectively communicates what’s going on in your department.

Customize your reports with drag and drop

Communicate your data with a few clicks, and drag and drop actions. Create reports based on locations, maps, states and regions by selecting the type of region with a drop-down menu.

These intuitive actions makes formatting in Power BI is easy. You can change the color coding in pie charts, by using a slider to change how close together you want lines in line charts to be.

Make actionable decisions based on your data

Visual reports make data easier to understand. Data from different categories, such as:

  • geographical regions
  • data from different departments
  • customer retention
  • sales pipeline

Being able to pull up data from different sources makes it easier to find anomalies, zero in on factors to make better decisions about how to make your sales more effective. Or how to remove bottlenecks and make your operations more effective.

Take advantage of your IoT data

Gathering telemetry from your Internet of Things results in mountains of data. It’s data that gives you a full view into every aspect of your operations, right down to specific pieces of equipment. Data captured from the Internet of Things can inform proactive maintenance, spotting anomalies, or recognizing areas that could benefit from optimization.

To learn how Power BI can help you with your reporting needs or how HSO’s Global Managed Services can help you with getting the most of using Power BI, enter your email address and we’ll contact you.