Managing a project, supply chain or production requires controlling complex sets of moving parts. You need a planning tool that tracks all these aspects that you juggle in real time. You need to see what resources are currently being used, and what resources are available. Moreover, you need a planning tool that is simple to use, so your team can keep up with the speed of your business.

HSO, as a Gold level Microsoft partner, offers modules such as our Graphical Planning and Scheduling, to augment the benefits of Dynamics 365. Our unique IP offers added value by providing additional functionalities that are useful for your individual business.

Our Graphical Planning and Scheduling keeps you on top of complex projects, production and processes. Our IP gives you the tools you need to optimize your business to the highest levels of efficiency and to boost your bottom line.

This blog post walks you through five benefits of HSO Innovation’s Graphical Planner and Scheduler.

1.     Know your resource capacity in real time

Having easy to decipher information on what resources are being used helps you make better day to day decisions. And having an interface that is customized to your business needs, helps you track all of the information pertinent to you.

The Graphical Planner and Scheduler displays which of your resources are occupied and which resources are unused right now. High level views display a summary of the most relevant data you want to see. To examine more granular data, simply hover or click on the graphical representation of the data set.

2.     Drag and drop actions keep the learning curve low

Simple actions such as drag and drop, clicking on dropdown menus, and clicking to switch views lends itself to an intuitive user experience. Your employees don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to get their work done in the Graphical Planning and Scheduling module.

It is easy to drag a job to another time or resource (if permitted). Details per job are readily available by zooming in (production route, project etc.). An easy-to-use interface and intuitive actions makes helps get your teams do their work faster and get more done.

3.     Create What-If Scenarios to inform decision making

Optimize your processes by testing hypothetical scenarios. Analyze what happens to the overall picture if you adjusted one aspect of your business processes. Our Graphical Planning and Scheduling tool offers simulation capabilities are available to sup­port what-if planning scenarios before the plan becomes actual.

If your what-if has been optimized – it is just one click away from the actual optimization of the entire planning. Have the system validates for you to see if there are any errors or issues, save the results, and then you are done! The graphical planner will update all scheduling changes that have been made at once.

Not happy with the simulated result? Just erase it – and the schedule is back to its original state for you to start simulating again.

4.     Increases employee productivity

Having company-wide information at your fingertips eliminates the lag time involved in digging around for the information your workers need to do their job.

The Graphical Planning and Scheduling tool in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 organizes all your data across different departments, enabling every employee access to information pertinent to their function. The Graphical Planner can keep track of which employees have scheduled PTO, maintain up to date customer information, real-time status and progress of a service call. This keeps your employees in the know, to be more productive in their job.

5.     Use in different applications and departments

Our Graphical Planning and Scheduling module has many applications in different industries, departments, and functions such as:

·       Production

·       Project management

·       Service management

·       Maintenance management

One of the aspects that makes HSO different from other Microsoft partners, is our IP that our own team develops that is built on the power of Dynamics 365. Our modules such as Graphical Planning and Scheduling helps you use Dynamics 365 in a more customized way.

To learn more about how our IP can help your business, contact us today.