Your technology is vitally important to the success of your business. It is easily one of the largest investments your company can make. If operating as intended, you are better able to achieve operational goals, provide excellent service and meet customer demand. However, if it’s not working as intended, your business will further pay the price. Users may be left frustrated and abandon the system entirely, leaving your hefty investment in its wake. Regardless of your in-house capability, having the right Microsoft Dynamics support partner is critical to ensure your IT investments are performing at their best.

In this post, we explore the three main differences between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support plans versus HSO’s Global Managed Services.

#1) 24/7 Availability

Where Microsoft support only has 2 support plans offering 24/7 support availability, HSO offers 3. Users can choose between our Essential, Standard, or Advanced support levels with dedicated, round-the-clock support available in your time zone.

#2) Global Support

Where Microsoft’s support plans make no mention of support availability by country, HSO’s Global Managed Services are available globally. We have account teams available in multiple countries to ensure your applications are running smoothly and that you can reach someone close by to help.

#3) Deep Customer Understanding

With our Advanced Service level, you’ll have a dedicated account team that understands your unique industry and business challenges, to help make recommendations and proactive improvements to your application environment.

Regardless of your in-house capability, HSO has the skills and knowledge to keep your business applications, including Microsoft Dynamics, running smoothly to keep you ahead of the curve. We offer a wide range of application management services from tracking patches to fully outsourced management of your Microsoft Dynamics solution. With HSO’s Global Managed Services, your business can more easily focus on innovation, rather than keeping your applications up and running.

Additional benefits include:

Risk prevention – Proactive and predictive monitoring services can prevent and reduce risks such as downtime of business critical applications.

Seamless global support – With 24/7 service across different time zones, support is just a phone call away.

Licensing & provisioning – Outsourcing software licensing and user management enables our customers to work care-free, enabling them to focus on their core business.

New release roll-out – We’ll let you know when a new release is available, discuss the benefits for your organization and take responsibility for the support of the roll-out.

Single point-of-contact – There’s nothing more frustrating than having to communicate the same support issue multiple times to different support reps. With HSO’s 24/7 Managed Service offering, you’ll have a dedicated support member every step of the way.

Ability to innovate – Most importantly, the right global managed services partner can give critical time back to your company, allowing your team to focus on what’s most important to your business.

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