Manufacturers are already using the predictive analytics of ERP to gain competitive advantage, and now they’re turning to machine learning to further enhance this function.

This whitepaper explores how machine learning, in conjunction with ERP, can help manufacturers bring about business process improvements and greater productivity as a result.What is machine learning?

Machine learning refers to a method of data analysis that enables computer programs to grow and learn by studying predictive and statistical analytics, rather than by being explicitly programmed.This type of artificial intelligence is similar to that of data mining as it involves the process of searching through data to look for patterns. However, in the case of machine learning, the computer program uses the data to adjust its own actions accordingly, thus reducing the need for human intervention.

A good example is Facebook’s News Feed, which uses machine learning to personalize each users’ feed. If a user frequently stops scrolling to read or ‘like’ a certain friend’s posts, then the program will adapt so the News Feed starts to display that friend’s activities earlier in the feed.