Almost half of IT professionals’ productivity is hindered by dealing with reactive support. Outsourcing your IT operations with a Managed Services provider can help boost your IT productivity.

According to a 2019 Sirkin report, 43% of IT network professionals find it difficult to carve out time to invest in innovation or digital transformation projects. Instead, many IT staff spend too much time troubleshooting to resolve problem tickets and performing reactive support. While these urgent items are crucial, short term tasks like these take away from becoming productive on more important, long term business initiatives.

But what can you do to keep the lights on and still liberate your IT staff to spend their productivity on innovation for your company?

This blog post identifies areas where outsourcing IT support to Global Managed Services frees up resources to allow your department to be productive on strategic initiatives pivotal to your company’s future.

Global Managed Services saves your IT department time and money

In a nutshell, managed services for IT takes care of all the routine maintenance tasks and reactive support to keep your company up and running. HSO offers Global Managed Services, which is managed services that is available 24/7 in every time zone. Even if your company operates primarily in a certain region, say for example, Canada and the United States, having a Global Managed Services partner helps you build your foundation for expansion to outside markets.

Outsourcing your more routine IT processes to Global Managed Services can help you save precious time and resources to take your IT productivity up to the next level. Here’s how:

  • Save time by leaving the troubleshooting to someone else

Imagine how productive your staff could be if they didn’t have to provide reactive support and troubleshoot to resolve issue tickets. By handing over the responsibility of taking care of reactive support to HSO, your department saves its precious personnel hours on more important work.

Because we have support staff available around the clock, we can immediately respond to problem tickets. We have in-house subject matter experts who have deep knowledge of your system to ensure that everyone in your company is up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Save time and money in training costs

Let’s face it, training is crucial to the success of your IT staff and your department, but training takes up significant investment in time and money. And when your staff is faced with putting out fires and other urgent, yet short-term priorities, it’s easy to push off staff training to the back burner.

Since reactive support is one of the areas that we focus on, we make sure that our experts are up to date in all technologies relevant to your company. Your employees can call us with the knowledge that we are armed with the latest training and expertise to address your technological issues.

  • Save money by preventing downtime with proactive monitoring

The average hourly cost for infrastructure downtime is $100,00 per hour. Application downtime costs anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million per hour. Between losing revenue and your employees not being able to work, your IT staff is working around the clock to get your systems up and running again.

Instead of your IT staff spending time to get things up and running again, the HSO’s Global Managed Services team can work for you to keep your system working. Our team tracks your system’s workload, optimizes your applications and gives you regular system reports in a holistic effort to ensure maximum uptime.

Prioritize Resources on Strategic Initiatives

While maintenance is important, spending too much time on maintenance and reactive support gets in the way of innovation. With HSO Global Managed Services freeing up your time and resources, you can focus on business initiatives that are important to your company’s board members and innovations that will keep you at the front of the pack in your industry.

What exactly can you do once you have all that free time that isn’t taken up by maintenance? Here are some initiatives that are top of mind for many CIOs and IT managers:

  • Finding new revenue streams

The revenue-generating CIO is on the rise. For management to reinvent the IT department as a revenue generator, it takes more than shiny new technological toys. Time, effort and resources go into changing the mindset, culture and processes of an entire department.

  • Improve products and experiences for your customers

Today’s customers demand faster services and smarter products. The market is changing and your products and services need to change along with it. Whenever possible, your company needs to anticipate market changes and adapt as quickly as possible.

  • Focus on IoT implementation

IDC projects that global spending on IoT technologies will exceed $1 billion by 2022. Manufacturers trekking into the world of Industry 4.0 need IoT technologies to transform into smart factories. Logistics companies are starting to realize the operational potential in IoT in tracking their big rig trucks, trains and tracking packages and cargo. Field service operations use IoT for predictive maintenance. In the public sector, cities are using IoT to better serve their constituents.

  • Develop a ‘data culture’ with advanced analytics

With IoT adoption becoming more widespread, mountains of data are being stockpiled for analysis. No longer can businesses afford to only have a few employees serve as gatekeepers to data. Democratizing data gives everyone direct access to analytics, enabled by cloud computing and data visualization tools to facilitate data driven decisions.

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