Managed Services in the IT world provides a support in your daily operations. Managed services supports you by maintaining your technological environment, including your Azure infrastructure, Dynamics 365 platform and your Microsoft Office software, to free up your IT employees to pursue innovations to keep your business ahead of IT trends.

Trending innovations such as autonomous things and augmented analytics requires an advanced level of support required from your IT operations. Managed services keeps up with the cutting edge technology to ensure that you have the support to leverage those trending technologies. Below are what we predict as IT trends in managed services in 2019.

IT Trend # 1:  Autonomous Things

‘Autonomous Things’ will continue to be part of products consumed by the public and businesses—think autonomous cars for the average consumer or robotics in manufacturing. While these ‘autonomous things’ have been on the market for some time now, technology associated with autonomous things will become more mature and more widely adopted by businesses. Take machine learning, for example. Machine learning takes the data gathered from the devices in autonomous things and recognizing patterns in them. All this is performed in the cloud, given that only the cloud can give this level of computing power.

Managed services ensures peak performance of your cloud environment through proactive means. With routine maintenance and monitoring, we prevent slowdowns and make sure you have the maximum amount of uptime to run your autonomous things.

IT Trend # 2: Augmented Analytics

The reason why augmented analytics is rising to popularity is because it makes data accessible to the average person. No longer does your company need to hire a highly trained, specialized data analysts. Augmented analytics makes data understandable by ‘citizen data scientists’.

Analytics, in conjunction artificial intelligence, will see the number of citizen data scientists growing five times faster than professionally-trained data scientists. According to Gartner, 40% of data scientist tasks will become automated by 2020. This makes data more available across the business, including to analysts, decision makers and operational workers.

Our managed services professionals can help train your team on the best ways to use PowerBI, a data visualization tool. Learning how to best leverage data visualization tools through training helps you make sense of your data and gain insights on the best way forward.

IT Trend # 3: As-A-Service Technologies

Because of the wide spread cloud adoption, making the idea of subscription based technology more comfortable for decision makers, technology as a service will continue in popularity. Here are some stats surrounding as-a-service technologies:

  • The market for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market is projected to grow to $72.4 billion worldwide by 2020, according to Gartner.
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is projected to grow at an 18% compound annual growth rate by 2020, according to Bain & Company.
  • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) will experience growth investment from 32% in 2016 to 56% in 2019, according to KPMG. This explosive growth makes it the fastest-growing sector of cloud platforms.

As-a-service technologies has a number of benefits, such as scalability, more frequent updates and more streamlined workflows. A managed services partner assists you with licensing as you hire more staff, manages updates and version releases and other tasks to ensure stability as your business evolves and innovates.

IT Trend #4: Bridging the Skill Gap

Finding talent remains one of the IT operations biggest challenge through 2019. Currently, businesses expect that their current workforce can’t keep up with technological changes. Businesses anticipate having to replace or retrain 40% of their IT workforce.

Ensuring that the people who runs your IT operations are highly skilled is a requirement for an optimally efficient core IT performance. In turn, strong IT operations serves as the foundation to digital transformation projects.

Ensuring that the people who runs your IT operations are highly skilled is a requirement for an optimally efficient core IT performance. In turn, strong IT operations serves as the foundation to digital transformation projects.

Outsourcing your IT support for Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other solutions shifts the responsibility of training to your managed services partner. HSO invests time, money and resources to keep our team up-to-date on the required skills to maintain peak core IT performance.

IT Trend # 5: Reducing Technical Debt

Technical debt results from trying to keep up with the speed of the market. Technical debit is a metaphor for workarounds digs a company into a hole that seems to be required in the moment to achieve faster production. The accumulation of these workarounds digs your company in a technological hole that leads to poor performance issues and increased long term costs.

We project that reducing technical debt will be a focus in 2019, seeing as about 90% of IT professionals struggle with technical debt, causing delay in software delivery. The high performers in digital innovation prioritize in reducing this technical debt. Accumulating technical debt can be avoided with a managed services partner, who takes care of the daily responsibilities so you can achieve faster production the right way, the first time.

What Global Managed Services Can Do For You

Global Managed Services with HSO helps you manage your platform and take care of your core processes to enable you to innovate and keep up with the speed of business. Outsourcing your IT operations makes sure that you have the most skilled professionals on your team, bridging your skills gap in your staff. Moreover, we can provide the training required for your staff to have the analytics skills to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Learn more about Global Managed Services, download our whitepaper and explore how we can help you innovate and be the leader of pack in your industry.