Innovation inherently implies change. Managing change well can make or break a company. On one hand, erratic changes can cause more harm than good, and on the other hand, carefully planned IT change management can save costs.

But what is IT change management? The activities in IT change management may seem to overlap with the responsibilities in your IT Operations team, but the nature of IT change management and operations management have a distinct difference. Both are needed to propel your business towards innovation.

Our Global Managed Services helps companies like yours with IT change management, operations management and a whole package of services to maintain and improve your cloud and Microsoft Dynamics systems to help your company thrive in an ever-changing market.

In this blog post, we describe these two concepts and how Global Managed Services with HSO can help your business with both change management and operations management.

What is IT change management?

IT change management with Global Managed Services consists of a variety of activities from the planning to the execution and evaluation of any non-standard change that occurs to your any part of your Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 system. IT Change management is crucial when any kind of technological change affects the daily operations of employees and the organization itself.

To ensure a successful IT change management endeavor, a sponsor or an advisory board from your company works with HSO’s Global Managed Services team. This sponsor or advisory board needs to be well versed in the company’s strategic initiatives, day-to-day operations and the challenges that their employees face.

Together, your company and our Global Managed Services team outlines the budget, timeline and detailed tasks to implement changes are executed in a timely and controlled manner with a high level of coordination and communication.

The benefits of thoughtful change management methodology includes:

  • Being aware of the major impact of the changes before you start the change management process
  • Minimizing risk and cost to implementing changes
  • Involving the stakeholders in what needs to change
  • Moving your company towards innovation in a controlled way

What is IT Operations Management?

In a nutshell, IT operations management  focuses on ensuring that your Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 system works the way you want it to. While change management controls larger projects such as implementation of a new component, operations management controls all operations related to your infrastructure and applications to make sure it is up and running to facilitate your daily operations.

Operations management is a big job. To make sure that your Dynamics system is running at peak performance, operations management with Global Managed Services monitors the system and performs regular analysis on its efficiency.

The benefits of operations management:

  • Constant monitoring of your system’s performance decreases the chances of downtime
  • You have confidence that your system works the way you need it to
  • Save costs by preventing problems instead of fixing them after the fact

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