Our new partnership with Hillstar BI helps expand ERP integration services with enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

We’re pleased to announce the expansion of our existing service portfolio under a new partnership with Hillstar BI. Hillstar BI is a practical business intelligence and reporting solutions provider with a global presence. With added capability from Hillstar BI, our team at HSO will be expanding our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration services with enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities.Jeffrey Michaels, Principal of HSO North America, expressed his positive sentiment regarding the agreement: “We are excited to grow the HSO service portfolio in North America with Hillstar BI. With this extension of services, we can better meet and fulfill the needs of our customers.”

HSO is excited to roll out this service expansion, and is looking forward to the opportunity to serve you. Through increased business intelligence, reporting and analytics capabilities, HSO is now poised to offer businesses like yours more robust insight, allowing you to meet your unique business objectives.

Please read our press release regarding this announcement and learn how you can get involved.