As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, government agencies are embracing technologies to empower their workforce to work from remote locations, engage with citizens, deliver virtual services, and ensure continuity of operations. Widespread efforts are being made to mature these capabilities that will help ensure a “new normal” for government operations and services.

According to recent research by Microsoft, current challenges in the public sector include:

Governing remotely – Enabling government workforce to work remotely and maintain the primary functions of government requires secure and reliable intra-and-inter-agency communications and collaboration.

Virtual health assistance – Governments need to take care of everyone’s needs while prioritizing vulnerable cases and identifying any new trends.

First response – One of Government’s top priorities is keeping frontline first responders informed, citizens safe and city-wide operations supported during the lock downs.

Remote learners – Governments need to support remote learning needs in response to school closings and help address the digital divide through a mix of tools and learning modalities.

Coordinated crisis response – Governments working remotely are challenged in collecting and sharing information in real time in central locations and using it to collaborate across multiple agencies and employees.

Citizen and benefit support – Record numbers of citizens are forced to stay home and cannot work or travel to receive benefits or support; many existing systems were not designed to handle current volumes of requests.

Virtual courts – Courts must be able to maintain operations and carry out judicial proceedings during this crisis. Judges must still be able to interact with lawyers.

The Journey to a New Normal

Government organizations and agencies are focused on delivering innovative solutions to support core response services, in addition to repositioning their activities to Preserve Revenues and minimize costs. While digital has been a priority for some time, governments plan to accelerate digital transformation.

With the power of Microsoft, HSO can help government agencies respond, recover and reimagine their operations in the COVID-19 era:


  • Deal with the immediate challenge of protecting employee and citizen health & safety, and flatten the curve (social distancing)
  • Adapt to the circumstances by redistributing funds & resources to support surge in demand


  • Focus efforts to plan and implement phases on opening up from the ’lockdown’ and tracking a ‘second wave’
  • Accelerate support to bail out particular industries


  • Expand support for tracking data on infectious diseases and future vaccination efforts
  • Develop plans for the ‘new’ normal
  • Evolve developing digital governments and design systems for resilience

HSO is here to help you navigate the digital transformation journey to the new normal. View our full approach to navigating government through COVID-19. In addition to offering free PowerApps workshops, ERP upgrade and support assessments, we can help you envision your ideal technology system and guide you on a path to success.

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