Do you view your service engineers as commercial ambassadors? Performing commercial or sales tasks may seem out of the scope of service workers, but they can often realize opportunities for upselling and cross-selling quicker than those who are in direct contact with your customers.

Ensuring your service teams are in the position to positively contribute to the sales process is a surefire way to quickly increase your service revenue. But how can you help your service teams get started? In this blog, we discuss four ways to boost sales from your service team.

1. Optimize communications

First of all, it is important that the service staff have sufficient insight into and knowledge of their own organization. As soon as your employees are aware of the pros and cons of your organization, they know where to focus their efforts. For this, it is important that your service staff can provide a sound response to the following questions:

  • What can our organization be proud of?
  • What do we do better than our competitors?
  • How can we improve our organization?
  • What kind of customer complaints do we do not want?
  • What values do we want to be associated with as an organization?

As you will notice, the basis of these questions lies with the company’s standards and values. It is therefore important to communicate these clearly to the employees as well as to foster internal communication.

2. Service excellence

Good service is the basis for a good customer relationship. When a service employee develops a strong relationship with the customer, trust and goodwill will be built as a by-product. This creates an ideal opening for giving additional suggestions or advice, which can generate additional service revenue. And while it is unlikely that an unsatisfied customer will purchase an additional service or product, a satisfied customer will perceive any suggestion as an opportunity and appreciate the advice. This creates a win-win situation.

3. Industry and product knowledge

Having a comprehensive understanding of the customer including their product and service preferences is indispensable in this process. Your service staff must be aware of the latest developments in their field or work, to deepen their expertise and raise their authority on the subject.  This also applies to the introduction of new products or services: when a service employee is well aware of new offers and product releases, they can immediately put these forward to the customer.

4. 360-degree customer view

Here is how you can mobilize your service employees in the field and empower them to achieve service excellence. By providing service staff with a 360-degree customer view 24/7 via mobile field service software, they are always well prepared and up-to-date. With the right mobile technology in place, service employees can not only address customers’ needs of the past but also advise on them on their future needs. Armed with comprehensive insight into the customer and the problem, the service technician will arrive on site with the right parts and knowledge- which means that no follow-up appointment is required. This not only reduces costs but also saves time and frustration for both parties.

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It takes time and training to make effective commercial ambassadors of your service staff, and change doesn’t happen overnight. But with the right processes and a focus on the customer, you can achieve better alignment with sales and service.

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