Digital transformation is simultaneously helping government agencies and putting pressure on them to make change happen. As they look to promote citizen well-being, influence positive societal change and enhance their government services, the time is now for them to build a strategy to address their challenges and opportunities.

With 60% of government agencies saying they will have a fully articulated digital transformation platform strategy by this year (Microsoft Library/ProResearch “Tech Industry 2018 Predictions and Beyond” report, January 2018), HSO has immediate opportunity to help government agencies be successful in addressing these issues with solutions that are anchored on trust, innovation, security and compliance.

Meet your mission and service your citizens better; foster a safer, more secure world

Microsoft has worked with government agencies for over 40 years and helped thousands of organizations on their digital transformation journeys with local, regional and federal governments around the globe. HSO in North America has helped organizations such as the City of Redmond to modernize their processes.

What we’ve learned is that the organizations that are most successful, understand that digital transformation is a journey that supports their people to create the value the organization seeks by having a clear vision, strategy, culture, unique potential, and capabilities as the foundational elements – then turns to technology. Put simply, technology is the tool. People are the focus. And more value is the outcome.

While every agency has a unique charter, there are challenges common to all within two distinct verticals:

  1. Civilian and Public Safety & Justice:
    • Public health and social services:Serving their citizens and communities, improving efficiency, and helping ensure privacy and compliance.
    • Public safety and justice: Increasing safety and security and enabling efficient and transparent judicial proceedings.
    • Public works and infrastructure: Providing essential public services to their citizens and maintain security while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Tax and finance: Helping make taxpayer experiences easier, mitigate tax fraud, and promote economic sustainability.
    • Transportation:Creating connected transportation systems that are more accessible, efficient, safe and sustainable.
    • Smart Cities: Enhancing citizen experiences, increase sustainability and resilience, and promote innovation for their city services.
  2. Defense and intelligence: Helping defense and intelligence agencies advance their missions to promote stability and security for citizens, nations, and multinational alliances.

Microsoft provides more than the tools and technologies of digital transformation. HSO’s and Microsoft’s deep commitment to innovation, security, compliance, and trust will help our mutual customers achieve their goals and reimagine the future.

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